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Veronika Slowikowska Is Working on Her Smoothie Order

“I have a real issue with saying spirulina.”
  1. underground gourmet
    I Waited an Hour For Viral NoodlesI should have made them at home in 15 minutes.
  2. who ate where
    The Super-Regular Who’s Eaten at the Same Restaurant for 31 Years“They’re very, very fair about substitutions.”
  3. groceries
    Manischewitz Gets a MakeoverThe biggest name in matzo gives itself a refresh.
  4. who ate where
    Nothing Has Captured the Mystique of Max’s Kansas CityIt was Café Deux Magots on speed.
  5. who ate where
    48 Scenes From a Century of New York DiningDebbie Harry at Katz’s, David Byrne at the Locale, and Bastille Day at Florent.
  6. the yesteryear issue
    Who Ate Where: The Restaurants That Defined New YorkA social history of New York City, told entirely through its regulars.
  7. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: The Fault Is in Our LinesOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  8. the grub street diet
    Joanna Goddard Loves a Smash and Grab“Before there was girl dinner, there was the smash and grab.”
  9. restaurant review
    Restaurant Review: At the Altar of Korean Fried ChickenCoqodaq’s owner calls it a cathedral. It feels more like a club.
  10. awards
    Here Are the 2024 James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards FinalistsFariyal Abdullahi, Melba’s, and Mel the Bakery are among the New York nominees.
  11. underground gourmet
    A Tasting Menu You’ll Actually LoveIt’s $99, in Astoria, and only served one night per week.
  12. shuffles
    A Seismic Shift for Upper East Side Power DiningOriente Mania moved restaurants. Will his billionaire regulars move with him?
  13. small spaces
    A Perfectly Pragmatic, Teeny KitchenA food writer, and mini-hoarder, on making it work in a 35-square-foot galley.
  14. guides
    Where to Eat in AprilThe best restaurants for right now.
  15. lawsuits
    Omar Khan Has Pleaded Guilty to Identity TheftHe stood accused of pocketing at least $9.5 million from wine lovers.
  16. the grub street diet
    Elyssa Heller De-Stresses With Barney Greengrass“I have one rule at Edith’s: If our sandwich comes with a latke, people can’t order one without it.”
  17. closings
    Every Neighborhood Needs a Mekelburg’sIt’s a bar and a bakery and a grocer. And this weekend, it’s closing for good.
  18. openings
    Lucia of Avenue X Expands With a Soho AlimentariSalvatore Carlino’s Sheepshead Bay slice joint was a fluke, and a hit. Now he’s opening a new spot in Soho.
  19. chef shuffle
    Pastry Chef Caroline Schiff Will Leave Gage & TollnerHer next steps: some time off and a brand-new diner.
  20. openings
    At Lola’s, a Chef’s Chef Strikes Out on Her OwnSuzanne Cupps’s new restaurant isn’t following trends.
  21. underground gourmet
    Where to Slurp Shurpa at 1 A.M.Plus dumplings and kebabs in Brooklyn’s Little Uzbekistan.
  22. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: The Enemy of My People Is My FriendOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  23. the grub street diet
    Greta Caruso Is Making Up for Her No-Candy Childhood“No matter how good the cake is, my preferred dessert is always some kind of Haribo sour candy.”
  24. restaurant review
    Corima Has Potential — and Excellent TortillasIt’s Northern Mexico, just below Canal.
  25. underground gourmet
    The Best Thing I’ve Eaten in Months Costs Just $10Mughlai paratha, a specialty from Bangladesh, arrives in Bed-Stuy.
  26. report
    The $9.5 Million HangoverDid a wine-world insider swindle his Bordeaux-swilling pals?
  27. the grub street diet
    Rebecca Minkoff’s Office Has the Good Snacks“We do a hefty Wegmans delivery …”
  28. dining
    18 of the Very Best Water BottlesAlways be hydrating.
  29. the scene
    How Do You Get Into the Secret Club Under Jean’s?Checking out the scene on Lafayette Street.
  30. first taste
    Frog Club Needs to Grow UpThe scene is fun. The food is funny.
  31. trends
    The Best Bar Snack Is a Hot DogAnd bars are finally getting the message.
  32. openings
    A Diner Designed by Movie PeopleHow a bunch of Brooklyn filmmakers took over their neighborhood luncheonette.
  33. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: No Thanks, Kathy!Our guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  34. the grub street diet
    Vinson Cunningham Is a Ritualistic Eater“I have an abundance mind-set.”
  35. restaurant review
    Restaurant Review: Metropolis Is Mid CityMarcus Samuelsson opens an ode to New York that’s hard to pin down.
  36. what to eat
    This Beef Tartare Is Actually Worth OrderingA ceviche specialist turns his attention to steak.
  37. openings
    Mama’s Too Is Expanding DowntownThe UWS favorite will have more space, more sandwiches, and more slices.
  38. trends
    How Butter Became the Main CharacterIt’s always been the best part of dinner. Now it’s the star.
  39. the grub street diet
    Khruangbin’s Laura Lee Pays Attention to Restaurant Soundtracks“Why can’t you listen to OutKast and eat caviar?”
  40. guides
    Where to Eat in MarchThe best restaurants for right now.
  41. sipping season
    The Best Broth Comes From a Butcher ShopZero frills, all flavor.
  42. streeteries
    This Is What Streeteries Are Going to Look LikeNew York City’s transportation agency has revealed four designs for four curb scenarios.
  43. small appliances
    13 of the Very Best Air FryersIn a market where there’s more chaff than wheat, we asked a panel of experts for the models they use and love.
  44. first taste
    Frenchette Bakery Is the Right Kind of Museum CaféFrench pastries meet American art at the Whitney.
  45. coming soon
    Bar Contra Will Be a New Destination for Modernist DrinksDave Arnold, Fabían von Hauske, and Jeremiah Stone are joining forces on the Lower East Side.
  46. trendlet
    The Timeless Egg Dish Taking Over New York MenusOeufs mayo are a dead-simple bistro staple. Chefs can’t resist them.
  47. the approval matrix
    The Approval Matrix: Stop RecyclingOur guide to what’s highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant, and despicable.
  48. the grub street diet
    Laura Kim Is Running on Sugar and Jamón“I love the Spanish ham — the leg — they have on display. The guy carving it is really handsome.”
  49. restaurant review
    Alma Negra Is a Perfect Neighborhood RestaurantLittle buzz, no influencers, and excellent tamales in Gowanus.
  50. chef shuffles
    Ignacio Mattos Is Leaving Corner Bar and Swan RoomThe downtown chef is checking out of Nine Orchard.
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A Tasting Menu You’ll Actually Love
A Tasting Menu You’ll Actually Love


Where to Eat in April
Where to Eat in April