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  1. debates
    Hamantaschen Are Perfect, Thank You Very Much“I was actually surprised that there’s a smear campaign…”
  2. Openings
    Zingerman’s Is Coming To Chicago… Well, at Plum MarketGoodies from Ann Arbor, oh goody.
  3. James Beard Awards
    Beard Predictions: Best Chef, Great LakesThe best chef award for the Great Lake region features four Chicago chefs.
  4. Zing!
    Is Sarah Palin Courting Undecided Foodies With Mail-Order Candy?Imagine our surprise when we opened the mailbox the other day and found a Zingerman’s catalog with what appeared to be a smirking Sarah Palin on the cover.
  5. The Underground Gourmet
    Sandwich of the Week: Special Holiday Reuben!The Underground Gourmet has nothing against sending a mail-order fruitcake to the gastronome on your holiday gift list (provided, of course, that the fruitcake is made by Berkeley preserves specialist June Taylor). But who in their right mind wouldn’t rather receive a nice Reuben sandwich in the mail? Zingerman’s, the excellent Ann Arbor–based purveyor of everything from Hungarian Liptauer cheese to sour-cream coffee cake, has practically made Reuben-giving a sacred holiday tradition — at least that’s how it is chez UG. And although you will find no reference to corned beef, sauerkraut, or Swiss cheese in any of the works of Charles Dickens, according to Brad in the Zingerman’s mail-order department, the company ships approximately 3,000 Reuben kits every year, 1,000 of which are ordered in the month of December. That may not approach national fruitcake numbers, but you have to consider the fruitcake regifting factor — no one, as far as the UG knows, has ever regifted a Zingerman’s Reuben. s