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  1. The Other Critics
    Brad A. Johnson Hammers Laurel Hardware; Rodell Reveals No Surprises at NobuThe Time Out critic calls the West Hollywood hottie “lazy” and the pizza “gummy.”
  2. Mediavore
    Breitbart’s Last Political Discussion Held at The Brentwood; SoCal ResidentsThe political pundit may have talked shop with a man he’d just met only 50 minutes before he was declared dead.
  3. Let’s Do Lunch
    A Look into Manna’s Banchan BuffetThe offerings, which might be better suited to vegetarians, earn a solid B from lunch authority Zach Brooks.
  4. The Other Critics
    Virbila Inks Two and a Half Stars on Michael Voltaggio; Gold Bites Into BäcoMr. Gold also gobbles up a not-so-authentic, but-trying-really-hard beefsteak dinner with Neal Fraser at the helm.
  5. Raves
    Midtown Lunch Going Back for BäcoA lunch of hits and misses confirms there’s a lot to love at Josef Centeno’s new casual spot.
  6. Let’s Do Lunch
    Tsujita Starts Noodling Around at LunchYes, the much ballyhooed ramen is finally here. Well, at least for three hours a day.
  7. The Ramen Brahmin
    Desperately Seeking TsukemenMidtown Lunch explores L.A.’s emerging dipping noodles ramen scene.
  8. Mediavore
    A Look at Japan’s Cheese Industry; Are We Getting African Food Aid Wrong?According to Howard Buffett, a new approach to farms in Africa is needed.
  9. Rants
    Midtown Lunch Takes on Fonuts, Escuela, and True Food KitchenHate, rare for this town, is one of the many reasons why we love Zach Brooks.
  10. Mediavore
    The Life of The Drinking Straw; Where to Drink ButterbeerUnfortunately, what sounds like the world’s greatest invention contains neither butter nor beer.
  11. Truckin’
    Zach Brooks: Food Vendors Are Best When They’re ‘Outlaws’Recent crackdowns are changing the street food landscape of the city.
  12. Truckin’
    As A-Frame Starts Lunchin’, Chego Considers Truckin’Roy Choi’s Culver City spot has a new burger for a new meal, while his Palms rice bowl restaurant is trying to expand.
  13. House Mix
    David Chang Rocks OnWhat’s the Momofuku chef’s favorite “closing the deal song”?
  14. Mall Dining
    Big Fat Pita Nearly Bridges The N.Y.C./L.A. Cheap Eats DivideWhile not exactly the gyro carts he left behind in Manhattan, the Greek chain helps fulfill Zach Brook’s street meat dreams.
  15. Words
    In a WordFood personalities describe the LA dining scene in one word.
  16. Rants
    Where’s The Lard?“In what crazy pants world is “no lard” a selling point?” asks Midtown Lunch.
  17. Empire Building
    French Fry-Topped Persian Stew and Salmon Kebabs Come To Attari ExtensionThe Persian sandwich and kebab mainstay introduces a more upscale concept.
  18. Let’s Do Lunch
    Zach Brooks Gets White-Washed in Thai TownMidtown Lunch looks at seven things to hate about eating lunch in L.A.
  19. Lists
    The Jewish Journal Tries to Burst Our Saveur-Blown BubbleDoes L.A. have further to go to fulfill Saveur’s promises?
  20. The Other Bloggers
    Midtown Lunch Takes L.A.A New York food blog sets its sights on the West Coast.
  21. Empire Building
    Zach Brooks on Midtown Lunch’s Expansion: ‘I’m Fully AwareThe impresario of Midtown Lunch talks about his plans for expansion.
  22. Mediavore
    Midtown Luncher Moves to L.A.; Jamba Juice Heats UpPlus: three-star space food, and the LeRoys in court, all in our morning news roundup.
  23. Lists
    This Is Why Midtown Lunch Is … FantasticEverything Midtown Lunch ate this year in one mind-blowing, gut-busting photo.
  24. Awards
    Vendys Are Revving UpNominations are being taken. Judges have been announced. And discount tickets are now available!
  25. Mediavore
    SLA Cracks Down on New Year’s Eve; Eat Nantucket Bay ScallopsPlus: Flushing: the city’s greatest Chinatown, and a fast-food taste test, all in our morning news roundup.
  26. Back of the House
    Who Will Replace Peter Meehan at the ‘Times’?Our candidates to write the “$25 and Under” column.
  27. Back of the House
    Indian Buffet Pulls a Fiamma, Raises Prices in MidtownIt’s not just on the highest plane of fine dining that critics, customers, and restaurants wage their unceasing war against each other: The same drama, played out in miniature, occurs everywhere. For evidence, look no further than Zach Brooks’s encounter, on Midtown Lunch, with Spice Fusion, an all-you-can-eat Indian buffet that raised its price $1 after the blogger praised it. Yes, it’s the Fiamma saga all over again, but we’ll have to see how this plays out. Will Spice Fusion’s corporate parent issue a press release vowing to lower prices? Or will the guy who hands out flyers on 48th Street just continue to thrust them wordlessly into the hands of passersby? Only Midtown Lunch will know. First Fiamma, Now Spice Fusion Follows Accolades With Price Hike [Midtown Lunch] Related: Fiamma Prices Drop After Bruni Post