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  1. online reviews
    Feds Blast New Wannabe-Yelp App That Pays Reviewers in CryptocurrencyMunchee wants to pay “food networkers” tokens for posting “stunning food pics.”
  2. food delivery
    GrubHub Is Buying Yelp’s Food-Delivery Platform for $288 MillionYelp officially exits the delivery game, in another big food merger.
  3. drama
    Now Yelpers Are Trashing Trump Grill Following Vanity Fair Spat“I tried to get in but there was a giant wall around the building.”
  4. the future
    A New App Pays People to Recommend RestaurantsAtlis is positioning itself as a strong competitor to Yelp.
  5. Petition Demands Amnesty for All of New York’s Bodega CatsIt asks why dogs can lie around restaurants if cats can’t guard delis.
  6. barbaric yelp
    Yelp Is About to Let You Skip the Line at RestaurantsThe site just partnered with a start-up called Nowait.
  7. rants
    Chef Hammers Yelper by Picking Apart All of His Reviews“Initially, I was shaken, I was worked up, thrown for a loop and nearly… nearly… pissed off. Then I took a deep breath and reread your review.”
  8. Barbaric Yelp
    Food Network Will Give Yelpers Their Own ShowWhy?
  9. Barbaric Yelp
    Yelp Fired an Employee Who Told the CEO She Was Woefully UnderpaidShe called it “a little ironic” that she works for their new delivery service but can’t afford food.
  10. Yelp
    How Race Can Influence Yelp ReviewsA new study compared the language of users in Bed-Stuy and Greenpoint with discouraging results.
  11. Barbaric Yelp
    That South Park Episode Inspired One Restaurateur to Ban All YelpersGiant signs now hang outside his Tucson concepts.
  12. Video Feed
    Watch South Park’s Horrible, Perfect Song About YelpersThe characters discovered the power of mentioning to restaurants that they’re Yelp critics.
  13. Barbaric Yelp
    Yet Another Restaurateur Has Accused Yelp of Tweaking ReviewsApparently, one chef claims, Yelp will punish you if you don’t buy ads.
  14. Barbaric Yelp
    A Restaurant Owner Responded to a Bad Yelp Review by Trashing a Customer’sAnother reason why Yelp is the worst.
  15. Rants
    Another Restaurant Owner Posted a Crazy Facebook Rant After Getting a Bad YelpNot good for business.
  16. Lawsuits
    Court Says There’s No Proof Yelp Forced Companies to Pay Money to RemoveThe site’s controversial business practices get another pass.
  17. Drama
    Meet the Filmmaker Behind the Controversial New Anti-Yelp Documentary“Yelp is very concerned about what will come out in this documentary.”
  18. Drama
    A Scandalous Documentary Will Examine Whether Yelp Exploits Small-BusinessThe producers are crowd-funding on Kickstarter now.
  19. Yelp
    Chef Shames ‘Insulting,’ ‘Entitled’ Customers on“Shout out to these two winners for seating themselves with no reservations, insulting and berating our staff … “
  20. Lawsuits
    Yelp Is Suing a Start-Up That Promises to Flood the Site With Positive ReviewsYelp’s lawyers say this suit is in the public’s best interest.
  21. Barbaric Yelp
    The Restaurant That ‘Buys’ One-Star Yelp Reviews Now Offers 50That’s up from the 25 percent they offered in September.
  22. Barbaric Yelp
    Littleneck Denies Offering Lots of Clams for Fake Yelp ReviewsSomeone is trying to sink the tiny clam shack’s reputation.
  23. Everyone’s A Critic
    The NYPD Thinks a Yelper May Have Smoke-Bombed Bar Pitti“They’re looking for stuff like, ‘This place sucks and I’m going to blow this f–king place up.’”
  24. Barbaric Yelp
    Here’s a Restaurant That Rewards Customers Who Give It Bad Yelp ReviewsHaters get 25 percent off and free cooking classes.
  25. Hated It
    California Makes It Illegal to Sue People for Posting Nasty Yelp ReviewsThe first, and probably not last, state to do this.
  26. Barbaric Yelp
    A Steakhouse Sued Yelp to Make It Identify a Malicious ReviewerSomeone impersonating a worker claimed to have “personally spit” in food.
  27. Barbaric Yelp
    French Chefs Launched a Petition to Ban Negative Online ReviewsMore than 1,700 people have signed it.
  28. Lawsuits
    Disgruntled Yelp Reviewers Say Want to Be Paid for Their WorkThey “perform the exact same work” as paid writers, anyhow.
  29. Barbaric Yelp
    Someone Is Writing a Novel in Yelp Reviews“I would recommend Volo Coffeehouse to anyone in Philadelphia who is going on an OKCupid date with a woman who has committed voter fraud.”
  30. On the Rise
    People Are Sending Pizzerias Around the Country Extortion Letters DemandingThe group says failure to pay up will result in bad Yelp reviews.
  31. Bigotry
    Yelpers Made That Anti-Gay Texas Diner Into a Highly Rated Gay Bar“I hear the owner offers discounts to men in chaps.”
  32. Everyone’s a Critic
    People Post More Negative Restaurant Reviews When the Weather Is MiserableBaby, it’s cold outside, so give that soup zero stars.
  33. Slander
    Posting Negative Yelp Reviews Can Get You SuedRecent lawsuits and investigations could affect how the social network does business.
  34. Barbaric Yelps
    You May Soon Have to Think Twice Before Posting a Nasty Yelp ReviewThe social network will now have to turn over account information for seven users.
  35. Barbaric Yelp
    State Fines Companies $350,000 for Fake Yelp ReviewsTime to take out the trash.
  36. Not Cool
    Hayes Valley Thai Spot Makes Yet Another Extortion Claim Against YelpMore extortion claims. Sigh.
  37. Haters
    Even Worse Than Yelp: In Pennsyltucky Dissatisfied Customers Throw Dead AnimalsIt’s customary to express disfavor with an animal’s carcass.
  38. Reviewers
    The Reviews Are In on Sumi Robata Bar’s First Hour of OperationThe craziness of reviewing opening night.
  39. Score
    Yelp Is Adding Health Department Grades to Restaurant ListingsThe social-networking site is trying to make the open-source data more widely available.
  40. Armchair Critics
    Yelp Shames a Handful of Businesses That Tried to Game the SystemThe company has launched a new crackdown on Craigslist solicitations of Yelp Elite members.
  41. Crime Scenes
    Killer Chef Tries To Rep Himself in Court, Haunted By Yelp ReviewsFor some reason, users of UrbanSpoon and Yelp are kicking this sicko when he’s down.
  42. Snoozeflash
    Yep, Yelp Reviews MatterA new study says good Yelp reviews help a restaurant’s nightly bookings, but this contradicts an earlier study that suggests only a small percentage of people pay attention to online reviews.
  43. Beef
    Sang Yoon Counters ‘Carrot Cake-Gate’ With Red Monkeys From A Box of CrackerCarrot cake’s the new ketchup.
  44. Haters
    Maybe Yelp Isn’t So Powerful After All?According to a new study, only a small percentage of people are really influenced by online reviews in dining decisions.
  45. FYI
    Yelp and Bing Team Up in Attempt to Thwart Zagat and GoogleYelp review excerpts will now be a feature of Bing searches.
  46. Mergers and Acquisitions
    Google and Zagat Make First Big Move Together, Announce Google+ LocalThe new service just launched today, following last year’s merger, with Zagat–formatted restaurant reviews and Google muscle.
  47. Let Them Eat Foie
    Dan Moody Uncovers Foie Protestors’ Sneaky YelpingActivists are slowly dragging Melisse’s rating down on the site.
  48. Empiure Building
    Moo Dae Po Headed for The SGVThe all-you-can-eat barbecue business won KTown’s first ‘cue cook-off and has been on the march ever since.
  49. Money Money Money
    Everybody’s Buying Yelp Stock TodayThe company’s IPO is going swimmingly, but will they ever actually turn a profit?
  50. Gastronomics
    Yelp About to Go PublicThe citizen-review site just revealed what they think they’re worth: $840 million.
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