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Year In Review 2018

  1. the year in pizza
    2018 Was the Year of the SliceNo more pretenders to the pizza throne.
  2. enough already!
    10 Dining Trends We’re Tired OfThe year was filled with excellent new restaurants; it was also filled with some truly irritating gimmicks.
  3. bookshelf
    The Best Cookbooks of 2018Including another Ina Garten hit; instant classics from the world’s best restaurants; and deep dives into Persian, Korean, and Southern cuisine.
  4. best of new york
    The Absolute Best New Restaurants of 2018A diner’s dozen.
  5. the underground gourmet digest
    The Underground Gourmet’s Year-End DigestThe top pizzas, sandwiches, dishes, and desserts of 2018, ranked.
  6. it’s pretty
    The Egg Salad Sandwich That Won Instagram in 2018Food that manages to be gorgeous without resorting to gimmicks.