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Yank Sing

  1. Celebrity Settings
    Condoleezza Rice Plays Pool at Wayfare; Jane Lynch Does Dim SumWho Condi was a pool shark?
  2. Mayoral Eats
    Mayor Ed Lee Loves New Asia Restaurant, Can’t Eat Crab AnymoreAlso, he loves Hong Kong Lounge in the Richmond.
  3. The Other Critics
    Patricia Wells Loves the Black Cod Fritter at Prospect, the Soup Dumplings atThe famed cookbook author visits the Bay Area for a few days.
  4. The Other Critics
    New SF Weekly Critic Really Missed the Soup Dumplings at Yank SingJonathan Kauffman lands back in town, and immediately canvasses the Bay for his favorite remembered dishes.
  5. The Food Chain
    Yank Sing Co-owner Admires Bar Masa’s Uni Risotto“As you’re eating it, the steam comes up into your nostrils and it’s amazing.”
  6. The Food Chain
    Sang Yoon Goes to San Francisco for DumplingsOur culinary journey takes us to Yank Sing for dim sum.