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  1. wtf
    Mark Zuckerberg Once Served Jack Dorsey Goat That He Killed ‘With a Laser Gun’It’s not exactly #thestew.
  2. wtf
    Woman Claims She Bought an Avocado With a Bullet Inside ItThe fruit’s finding more inventive ways to destroy young people.
  3. wtf
    Misguided Bar Staff Asks Patron to Remove Hijab to ‘Ensure Safety’ of CustomersThe lounge, a Vegas Strip hot spot, has since promised to change its headwear policy.
  4. wtf
    Woman Claims Restaurant’s ‘Urinating’ Toy Sexually Assaulted Her“It peed on me, basically. Out of its wee-wee area.”
  5. wtf
    These Pimple Cupcakes Are Fully PoppableThey’re certainly something.
  6. WTF
    Is This the World’s Most Confusing Wine List?“In short, it is purposefully impossible for anyone to read the list.”
  7. WTF
    Parents Claim McDonald’s New Minions Toys Are Dropping F-Bombs “I can’t believe it’s coming out of a toy.”
  8. Video Feed
    News Station Sought Out Zimmerman Verdict Reactions at Chicken and Waffles SpotSomeone from ABC15 maybe … had a bad idea.
  9. WTF
    Village Voice Fires Twenty-Year Veteran Restaurant Critic RobertThe critic started off in New York as a rock musician who liked to write about food.
  10. Haters
    Even Worse Than Yelp: In Pennsyltucky Dissatisfied Customers Throw Dead AnimalsIt’s customary to express disfavor with an animal’s carcass.
  11. WTF
    WTF: Travel+Leisure Choses Only Son of A Gun and Water Grill in BestIs sushi not seafood? Leisure+Travel doesn’t think so.
  12. Other Magazines
    WTF: Travel + Leisure Ranks NYC Ninth, L.A. Tenth on ‘Best BurgerThough congrats to Philly in No. 2.
  13. WTF
    Vials of Inhalable Caffeine Soon to Be Available to Speed Freaks EverywhereA gimmick promising coffee highs without coffee breath.
  14. WTF
    Does Willie Brown Have a Secret Endorsement Deal With Subway?He keeps name-checking Subway, and today names their Italian sub as one of this three favorite dishes in town. Does he think no one finds this fishy?
  15. WTF
    Wisconsin May Repeal Margarine BanBecause what the world needs is more margarine.
  16. WTF
    Robber Caught Cooking at RestaurantPerhaps he should have taken the food to go.
  17. WTF
    Woman Dies After Injecting Face with Hot Beef FatLet this be a lesson.
  18. WTF
    Man Finds $150,000 in His GardenEver found a duffel bag full of cash in your garden?
  19. WTF
    Kraft Blames Americans for Not Eating EnoughKraft looks elsewhere for growth.
  20. WTF
    State Actively Trying to Ruin Ice CreamHere are a few more reasons to hate the health department.
  21. Lists
    Group Celebrates America and Ground Meat with Burger Day 3000Could you eat that much?
  22. Quote of the Day
    Is Girl & The Goat Now More Popular Than the Curse of the Billy Goat?We like the restaurant more than the curse.
  23. WTF
    Your Organic Apples and Fancy Milk Sends Deer Family AwayNo, deer families don’t want your organic food and milk.
  24. Marketing Gimmicks
    Apparently Living Near Tonic East Is a Good Thing?When brokers hype restaurants.
  25. Signs
    Federal Court: Felony Franks Will Get Its SignA federal judge rules in favor of Felony Frank’s.
  26. WTF
    Romney Sends Obama Headquarters Leftover Gino’s East PizzaGino’s East reheats surprisingly well.
  27. Video Feed
    How to Make a Prison Tamale at HomeYou will never go hungry again.
  28. Openings
    Another Place Called WTF? WTF?Well, actually, it’s called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot — but still!
  29. WTF
    Roadkill Legalized in IllinoisWhat is your favorite roadkill preparation?
  30. Chain Gang
    Care for a Bigot-fil-A? Group Takes on Chicken ChainNot available at most locations.
  31. WTF
    Whole Food Employee Creates Can MarioMario has fans at the South Loop Whole Foods.
  32. Suing
    Owner of Felony Franks Sues CityDon’t mess with Felony Franks.
  33. WTF
    Nacho Cheese Bandit ArrestedCrime against gastronomy also a legitimate crime.
  34. WTF
    Police Bust Waukegan Pizzeria that Delivered ‘More Than Pizza’Cocaine and pizza don’t play well together.
  35. Asian Carp
    Vigilante Group in Peoria Battles Asian CarpPrepare to chuckle.
  36. WTF
    Car Crashes into Manny’s Deli, No Food Was HarmedWe are against attacks on great old delis.
  37. WTF
    What Will Happen to the Vienna Beef Factory?Will the Vienna Beef Factory be moved for the new intersection.
  38. WTF
    Evanston Hopes to Ban All Disposable BagsThe very law would be the first of its kind in the country.
  39. WTF
    Evanston Residents Take on the Tilted KiltNo mention of the food has ever been made about the bar and restaurant.
  40. WTF
    Chicago Chefs Cook with PeepsIt’s the time of year to eat Peeps.
  41. WTF
    Patriotic Grilled-Cheese Avenger Thwarts NazisIs there anything the all-American sandwich can’t do?
  42. Violence
    Restaurant Violence Continues: Pizzeria Owner AttackedMembers of the Wolf gang were quickly apprehended.
  43. WTF
    Molotov Cocktail Thrown at a Burger King; Boy Seriously Wounded atOne boy was seriously injured over the weekend in a shooting.
  44. WTF
    Take a Look at the Ham MapFind out which neighborhoods eat more ham.
  45. WTF
    Sadly, Achatz’s Line of Baby Food Is Not RealWould you eat Achatz’s baby food if it were real?
  46. WTF
    Man Sues Ramada After Finding Glass in BurgerMan didn’t appreciate glass shards in his burger.
  47. WTF
    Insanely Expensive Patty Melt Coming to David Burke’s TomorrowThat’s a lot of black truffles.
  48. WTF
    Yes, There Are McDonald’s McAroons — and They’re GoodMakes those apple dippers look weak.
  49. WTF
    Say What? Wisconsin Joint Defames Chicago DogWisconsin changes the name of our hot dogs.
  50. WTF
    How Much Does Rahm Emanuel Love Noodles?How much do you love noodles?
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