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Woodhouse Fish Co.

  1. Neighborhood Watch
    More Coffee Coming to Divis; Neighbors Still Up In Arms Over Woodhouse Coming toAlso, 24th Street is ‘evolving.’
  2. Community Bored
    NIMBY Upset About Woodhouse Crab Shack Plan at Marina GreenHe’s worried about fatter, lazier, more aggressive birds, for one.
  3. Empire Building
    Woodhouse Fish Co. Hoping to Open Clam Shack on Marina GreenIt would be a third outpost for the mini-chain, in the former Navy Degaussing Station.
  4. FYI
    Local Christian Ministry Uses Restaurant ‘Eatups’ to Help BuildThe church sends groups out on Sundays to Castro area restaurants to dine with fellow parishioners and welcome in new ones.
  5. Pre-Previews
    Stay Tuned for West of Pecos, Coming to Valencia Next YearThe name comes from a 1945 Western starring Robert Mitchum.
  6. Empire Building
    Southwestern-Style Restaurant Mohave to Take Bombay Ice Creamery on ValenciaDylan MacNiven, the guy behind Woodhouse Fish Co., is behind the new venture, possibly due by year’s end.
  7. The Other Critics
    Woodhouse and Cetrella Impress, 5A5 Flails, Flour + Water a MixMichael Bauer approves on his return to Cetrella, but Meredith Brody likely won’t be returning to 5A5 anytime soon.