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Wonder Bread

  1. Yeastmasters of the Universe
    Wonder Bread-Maker Really Loves Contributing to Republican CandidatesThe Tastykakes maker has a distaste for Democratic Party candidates.
  2. Comebacks
    Wonder Bread Is Back!It’s returning to store shelves.
  3. With the Mostest
    The Yeastmaster: Flowers Foods Is Buying Wonder BreadSweet whole wheat!
  4. Good Buy
    Wal-Mart May Buy Hostess, Bring Back TwinkiesPhew. We were really worried for a minute there.
  5. Closings
    Wonder Bread Has Left the BuildingSpongy sadness as Wonder Bread leaves New York.
  6. Closings
    Spongy Sadness: Wonder Bread Leaves New YorkHostess will close Wonder Bread’s Jamaica, Queens plant.
  7. Bad Influences
    Lowbrow BrilliantDovetail’s pastry chef, Vera Tong, gets inspiration from … um … Wonder Bread?