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Women Chefs

  1. the other critics
    The ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ List Had a Chance to Do Better — They Blew ItThe longer this organization qualifies the talent and work of women with a separate standard, the more irrelevant it looks.
  2. Quote of the Day
    More Women Chefs Are Running the Show Than Ever BeforeA new generation of female cooks are working their way up through male-dominated kitchens.
  3. Meanwhile in Paris
    Les Dudes of Food: The Female Chef Controversy Hits FranceIn the wake of Time Magazine’s male-focused chef feature, two French magazines have brought renewed attention to the issue in Paris, too.
  4. Talent
    Goddesses of Food: 10 World-Class Chefs Who — Believe It or Not —Alice Waters, Anne Sophie-Pic, and plenty of others.
  5. Foodievents
    April Bloomfield Joins San Francisco’s Female Chefs for Special DinnerIt’s an impressive, inclusive endeavor.
  6. Women Chefs
    Is the Idea of a ‘Best Female Chef’ Actually Insulting to Women?Is it that bad that we need to single out women chefs in a separate category?
  7. Ladies Who Make Lunch
    Another Attempt to Answer the Female Chef QuestionAnita Lo and Joyce Goldstein discuss the difference between the New York and San Francisco scenes.
  8. Beef
    Why Don’t We Pay Attention to Women in the Kitchen?It’s sexism. There, we said it.
  9. Foodievents
    Top Female Chefs Gather to Battle CancerDon’t forget Gael Greene, either.
  10. Neighborhood Watch
    Rusty Knot Bringing Back Frozen Drinks; Bruce Willis Tended Bar in the EastRobuchon in the house, frozen drinks at the Rusty Knot, and a Web page for Di Fara.
  11. Mediavore
    Massive Piedmontese Market Coming to Midtown; Lady Chefs Are Tougher Than YouA food bazaar in Turin, Italy, called Eataly, which combines a “European open market, a Whole-Foods-style supermarket, a high-end food court and a New Age learning center” is opening its second location in a 10,000-square-foot space on 18 West 48th Street. [NYT] Despite David Chang’s unwavering confidence that Noodle Bar 2.0 would open early this week, the restaurant’s not yet ready; he blames Con-Ed. [Eater] Women chefs who’ve found success aren’t hard to come by in New York, according to Cuozzo, who mentions at least two examples. [NYP] Related: A Woman’s Place? [NYM] The Post goes on to blame Patricia Yeo for Monkey Bar’s failure. [NYP]