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  1. hot plate
    What to Eat, Drink, and Watch Right NowDaniel Boulud’s oysters Vanderbilt at Le Pavillon, Audrey Saunders’s sour glass collab, the Wolfgang Puck biopic, and more.
  2. opinion
    Trump’s Restaurant Panel Is a DisgraceIf we needed evidence that fine dining is fundamentally irrelevant to the true joy of eating, this panel is it.
  3. coronavirus
    Trump’s Team to Save Restaurants: Puck, Keller, and Chick-fil-A’s CEOAnd a bunch of other fast-food executives!
  4. the feeding tube
    Hollywood Is Giving Wolfgang Puck a Star on the Walk of FameHe’ll be the second chef ever, after Bobby Flay.
  5. Leftovers
    Blue Hill Launches Savory Yogurt; Daniel Boulud and Wolfgang Puck Team UpPlus: a miso demo, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  6. Trail
    Wolfgang Puck Trains Jon Favreau on the Sauté StationNext up: omakase.
  7. Quote Of The Day
    How Marc Vetri Learned to Stop Worrying About His Stutter and Love Working withPuck instilled a sense of confidence in Vetri that helped the then young chef overcome his own misconceptions about his speech disorder.
  8. Guest Stars
    David Chang And Roy Choi Cooking at Wolfgang Puck at Bel-Air!!The trio of hugely famous chefs will prepare a $190 per-person five-course menu.
  9. Shattered
    Spago Skylight Shatters on Bierbeisl’s ChefBernhard Mairinger says he and his girlfriend were “totally fine” despite a few cuts and shirt full of glass.
  10. Mixocalypse
    Summit Bar’s Greg Seider Mixing Up Drink Menu For Malibu’s NikitaThe Manhattan mixology destination was called New York Magazine’s “Best Cocktail Bar” of 2010
  11. Rumors
    Nikita Signage Appears Next to Nobu MalibuIs it proof that Wolfgang Puck is not interested in the space or simply red herring?
  12. Puck Tales
    Architect Denies Puck’s Plans in MalibuSeverine Tatangelo insists a Mediterranean concept could be here by summer.
  13. Puck Tales
    Malibu’s Most Wanted: Wolfgang Puck Rekindles Rumors About BeachsideThe chef confirms he would like to focus on “very simple” seafood.
  14. Puck Tales
    Wolfgang Puck Confirms Corruption at SoCal Better Business BureauThe regional chapter has been thrown from the national organization for charging businesses for better grades.
  15. Lawsuits
    Wolfgang Puck Sued…AgainA patron claims a waitress at his D.C. restaurant cracked her over the head with a metal water pitcher.
  16. Funnies
    L.A. Chefs Struggle To Replace Sex With FoodWolfgang Puck knows better than to step into the trap.
  17. Sin City
    Chicago’s Shawn McClain Opening Five50 Pizza Bar in VegasOf course, in a slice of typical Vegas excess, the property already has a Puck-branded pizzeria.
  18. Chef Shuffles
    Michael Aguilar Replacing Sally Camacho at WP24Meanwhile, the Top Chef: Just Desserts competitor is working at The Jonathan Club.
  19. Kuhdos
    Patric Kuh Lyrically Sizes Up Spago’s Re-IncarnationPuck “became this city’s essential chef because forward is the only direction he moves in,” writes the critic.
  20. Puck Tales
    Wolfgang Puck Reprising His Greatest Role For 90210The chef will make yet another appearance as himself on yet another major show.
  21. O Come Let Us Adore Him
    David Kinch, Daniel Patterson, Wolfgang Puck Among 240 Chefs Flying to Monaco toFor three days, November 16 to 19, 240 of the world’s best chefs will all be in one place, kissing one ring.
  22. Puck Tales
    Ruth Reichl, Ludo, and ‘Mama’ Nancy Silverton Celebrate SpagoThe New York Times investigates what keeps Wolfgang Puck still going.
  23. Puck Tales
    Wolfgang Puck Picks His Favorite Places on Earth to EatAnd wouldn’t you know it, Spago makes the cut.
  24. Puck Plans
    Spago Reopens For Dinner, Reveals A Few New DishesThe refreshed restaurant is sneakily serving dinner.
  25. Top Chef
    Chrissy Camba of Bar Pastoral To Represent Chicago on Top Chef SeattleChrissy Camba will be on the next season of Top Chef.
  26. Airport Dining
    Morimoto Opens Skewers at LAXFrequent flyers sick of Cinnabon finally have the famous chef’s yakitori concept to consider.
  27. Beer Me
    Gene Simmons Hoists a Beer With Wolfgang Puck To Detail Röcktobefest at L.A.The Kiss bassist tells us how Puck helped him to “get lucky” on his first visit to Spago.
  28. Puck Plans
    Gene Simmons and Wolfgang Puck Uniting to Announce Röcktoberfest at L.A. Live!Who better than an Austrian that can cater The Oscars to stage a stein and sausage fest?
  29. Other Cities
    Mina Leaves Detroit, Puck Moves InWolfgang Puck will open two new restaurants in place of Mina’s SaltWater and Bourbon Steak at the MGM Grand Detroit.
  30. Book of Kells
    Thomas Keller Fantasizes About Lunch at In-N-OutHe hasn’t one since 1990.
  31. Airport Dining
    Morimoto Opening Skewers in SeptemberOf course, it’s not that simple, but at least you won’t be crossing the picket line.
  32. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck Express Upgrades Into a Full-Service RestaurantThe restaurant has a new rustic look for its first sit-down dining room and bar.
  33. Foodievents
    Who Will Be at The L.A. Food & Wine Festival, August 9-12The three-day event offers L.A. a nice chance to catch up with the nation’s famous chefs.
  34. Mixocalypse
    WP24 Serving New $24 CocktailIt’s very much like a normal cocktail, but with some gold flakes and a whopping price tag.
  35. The New Kid
    Besha Bids Auf Wiedersehen to SpagoThe critic bemoans a lack of culinary tourists, certain that the cooking here is “flawless.”
  36. Puck Plans
    Wolfgang Puck Shares His Fears Over Spago’s RelevancyThe chef doesn’t want to see it go the way of Chasen’s or Le Dome.
  37. Temporary Closings
    Say Goodbye to Spago As You Know It, Closing July 9 For Fall RebootWolfgang Puck plans to announce a completely new menu on opening night, free of classics like his smoked salmon pizza and tuna tartare cones.
  38. Let Them Eat Foie
    Restaurateur Says Puck Still Served Foie Gras in February, Condemns Senator’sBurton’s words, Pastore argues, could incite more violent action from extremists.
  39. The Presidential Palate
    Wolfgang Puck Catering Obama Bash at George Clooney’s HouseThe Spago captain will prepare a “special menu,” which probably means foie gras.
  40. James Beard Winners
    Los Angeles Food Editor Lesley Bargar Suter on What It Feels Like To Win“If they had a national black-tie street food award ceremony, [L.A.] would kill ‘em all. But they don’t.”
  41. Let Them Eat Foie
    CA Legislature Says It Has ‘Higher Priorities’ Than Foie GrasThe CA State Senate says they’ve got budget problems to deal with that are bigger than the right to eat foie gras.
  42. Let Them Eat Foie
    Is Wolfgang Puck a Foie Hypocrite? Or Just a Bad Gambler?He says he supports the ban, and that foie gras is cruel … but he’s still serving it in Singapore!
  43. Let Them Eat Foie
    Coalition of 100 Chefs Decides to Fight the Foie Gras BanThe ban is set to happen July 1, and this is kind of an eleventh-hour appeal.
  44. Puck Plans
    Spago Cooking Up 20th Birthday Lunch in VegasWolfgang Puck will be joined by Bon Appétit’s Adam Rappaport and the restaurant’s current and original chefs for a two-hour lunch.
  45. Beef
    Meaty Protest Doesn’t Faze Anyone at MozzaWhat happens when a bikini-clad protester tries to make an anti-meat stand at Mozza?
  46. Celebrity Settings
    Wolfgang Puck Eats at ink.; Dr. Dre Visits KatanaJust when we were starting to worry the chef only ate at his own places!
  47. Celebrity Settings
    Spago Makes Chocolate Electric Guitars, But Only For Gene SimmonsThe Kiss shiller notes his three favorite places to eat.
  48. Puck Plans
    Introducing The Inevitable Wolfgang Puck AppIn which the chef teaches you both how to cook and how to make reservations at one of his many, many restaurants.
  49. The Russ Parsons Project
    Using Simple Arithmetic, Russ Parsons Debunks Publishers’ Perceived PrejudicesWhen his pal goes too far protesting that New York publishers hate L.A. chefs, the editor simply adds up the titles on his shelf.
  50. Empire Building
    Garces and Kimmel Center Make It OfficialThe new spot won’t open until at least early 2013.
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