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  1. controversies
    Restaurant Server Fired After Refusing to Serve ‘Transphobic’ CoupleNow the restaurant is at the center of the controversy.
  2. openings
    A Midwestern Supper Club Has Landed in Bushwick — Is It Any Good?A Wisconsin native weighs in on Brooklyn’s brand-new Badger State import.
  3. the chain gang
    Burger King Honors Wisconsin With World’s Grossest-Sounding BurgerThis is way too much cheese.
  4. horrible things
    Restaurant Owner Suggests Killing NFL Players Who ProtestNot surprisingly, he’s since apologized.
  5. news you can booze
    Scott Walker Is in a Twitter War With Beer Nerds, AmericaHe was reminded emphatically that Miller Lite is a bad beer.
  6. crimes against meat
    Let This Scott Walker Tweet Be a Lesson in How to Never Grill MeatThe Wisconsin governor’s Memorial Day–weekend kebabs were raw and unseasoned.
  7. wut?
    Nobody Knows Why Thousands of Skittles Were on Their Way to Feed Wisconsin CowsMars admits the practice isn’t unusual, but is “investigating” anyway.
  8. innovation
    Some Culinary Wizard Invented Deep-Fried Old-FashionedsWith brandy cream cheese and bitters whipped cream.
  9. Bar Fight
    Wisconsin Bar Denies Using Pet Camel for BurgersFoolery’s promised the animal, Dooley, would not be made into a meal.
  10. ‘Murica
    Unbelievably American Festival Features a 200-Pound Burger and ‘Ketchup“I’m not sure why, but people sure like to watch contestants slide in ketchup.”
  11. Road Food
    Milwaukee Is Using Provolone Juice to Thaw Icy Roads“We’re just trying to make every possible use of cheese.”
  12. Dime Bag Menu
    Milwaukee McDonald’s Were a Front for Lucrative Weed DealershipThe DEA got suspicious after the fast-food restaurant rolled out its limited-edition “Kush Burger.”
  13. 12 Angry Milk-Staches
    Acquitted Wisconsin Dairy Farmer Turns Jury Into Raw-Milk Activists“I want to join that buyer’s club, I feel very passionate about it.”
  14. Cheese
    Marieke Gouda Wins U.S. Championship Cheese in Second Win For Women CheesemakersFeminists, don’t forget the cheese.
  15. Events
    Breaking News From the Grilled Cheese DeskGrilled cheese event roundup.
  16. Coming Soon
    Michael White Bringing Cocktails and Fried Chicken to Tribeca [Updated]The expansion-minded chef will open The Butterfly this summer.
  17. Mediavore
    Inside Animal and Ludo’s Foie Gras Dinner; Learning to Love TripeEverything from liquified foie gras to injectable foie gras were on hand as the chefs protest a coming ban.
  18. Mediavore
    USDA Awards Grant Money to Local Farmers Markets Groups; Margarine Ban’sPlus: LivingSocial gets ready to launch exclusive food events; and sustainable meat supply might hinge on an overwhelming mass embrace of tripe, all in our morning news roundup.
  19. Mediavore
    Raw Milk Comes to Wisconsin; Plaid Cheesecakes For SalePlus: China’s cooking oil concerns, and Denny launches a value menu, all in our morning news roundup.
  20. Mediavore
    Jose Andres Awarded; New Record Set in Meatball EatingThe Bazaar chef is awarded for his creativity, while a man eats 29 meatballs in one minute.
  21. Empire Building
    Lou Mitchell’s Launching National FranchiseThe beloved West Loop breakfast diner wants to go global.
  22. Mediavore
    Restaurant Worker Killed for $14; Coke Debuts Milk SodaPlus: Starbucks ups their 401k benefits; what kind of beer gets served at the White House
  23. Mediavore
    Financing for Local Farmers; Organic Goes Private LabelPlus: Greenpeace takes on Trader Joe’s; the Cheesecake Factory slows expansion