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    Chatting With the Singers at the Reopened Winnie’sThe karaoke dive is back in a new space on East Broadway with shiny red booths, a retro-looking mic, and an updated computerized karaoke system.
  2. maybe coming soon
    It Looks Like Chinatown Karaoke Dive Winnie’s Will Return From the DeadThe former owners have applied for a liquor license in a new space.
  3. Coming Soon
    The Winnie’s Reboot Could Serve Chia Pudding and Kale SaladThe proposed menu is curiously similar to El Rey’s.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Selena Gomez Eats at Beauty & Essex; Bruno Mars Sings Along to the Music atThis week’s Celebrity Settings.
  5. Video Feed
    Farewell to Legendary Karaoke Bar Winnie’s“The bar is a happy bar.”
  6. RIP
    New Yorkers Mourn the Loss of Winnie’s“No god no please no not Winnie’s god no why is NYC so terrible I hate this f-cking town.”
  7. Closings
    Legendary Karaoke Dive Winnie’s Will CloseYou have until the end of the month to enjoy Hawaiian Punch.