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Willie Brown

  1. What Willie Wants
    Watch Out, Outerlands: Willie Brown Is ComingThis should be interesting.
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Polk Street Bans New Bars; Willie Brown Likes South
  3. Healthy S.F.
    Willie Brown Says Healthy S.F. Violators Should Just Negotiate With HerreraHe says they should come clean and not pay for lawyers.
  4. Fire Damage
    Fire Breaks Out at Power-Lunch Spot Kokkari [Updated]The restaurant sounds undamaged.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Tonga Room Hosts MC Hammer’s Birthday, and Willie Brown Was ThereHammer still has at least 300 friends.
  6. Price Check
    Subway Nixes Five-Dollar Footlong Deal In S.F.The chain cites the higher cost of doing business in S.F. as the reason they can’t participate in the promotion.
  7. What Willie Wants
    ‘Old San Francisco’ Is Dining at Original Joe’s In DrovesWillie Brown says the crowd is ‘75 percent [native] San Franciscans.’
  8. Kerfuffles
    Gold Dust Lounge Does Not Quite Get Reprieve from Preservationists, But theNow Willie Brown’s come out with some fightin’ words for the landlords!
  9. Mediavore
    Crashing Ed Lee’s Inauguration Dinner; Store-Bought Orange Juice Full of
  10. Willie Brown Takes Villaraigosa to Dinner; Thomas Keller on Sous-VideApparently, our mayor has an appetite for “extreme” eating.
  11. Empire Building
    Willie Brown Encourages Wolfgang Puck to Take Postrio SpaceDa former Mayor tells the chef he should open up one of his Cut steakhouses there.
  12. The Other Critics
    Willie Brown Doesn’t Recognize Valencia Street, Calls Locanda and AtelierHe compares Crenn to Gary Danko and Quince.
  13. TV Land
    Willie Brown Is Pitching a TV Show? About Food?We have no idea what this is about.
  14. What Willie Wants
    Willie Brown Urges Race-Blind Tasting of Fried ChickenRemarkably, he says, the white chefs’ chicken he tried was just as good as the African American chefs’ chicken.
  15. Blind Items
    Willie Brown Doesn’t Always Tip
  16. What Willie Wants
    Willie Brown Demands Large-Typeface Menus, No More Amuse-Bouches“Some time ago I raised questions about the testing that goes on with the so-called little treats that restaurants send out. Please give me the option to say yes or no before you show up with them.”
  17. Quote of the Day
    Chef Loses It On Willie Brown“Pay [for] somebody’s dinner because the reso is late? Do you get [a] free ticket when your flight is delayed?”
  18. The Other Critics
    Willie Brown Can’t Get Enough of Bourbon Steak; Reidinger Likes theHaltun, which opened in May, is apparently pretty good.
  19. The Other Critics
    Willie Brown Files Unofficial Review of Tres Agaves, and It’s Bad“If you go to Tres Agaves, stay in the bar. Eat the chips and guacamole, drink the margaritas, and say you’re on a diet.”
  20. Celebrity Settings
    Willie Brown Eats at Redd, Spago, Café Des Amis
  21. Beef
    Should Willie Brown Always Get the VIP Treatment?There will always be VIPs who get tables faster than you.
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Willie Brown Has a Sex and the City Moment Ten Years Too LateThe former mayor swills Cosmos and celebrates the SATC gals with friends at Lark Creek Steak.
  23. Mediavore
    Oakland’s Cinco de Mayo Fest Cancelled Again; Tasting Hello Kitty Wines
  24. Lists
    What’s the Best Table In San Francisco?The Chronicle explores some of the city’s best tables today. What’s your favorite?