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Williamsburg Pizza

  1. openings
    One of New York’s Top Pizza Pros Has a New Slice ShopWilliamsburg Pizza’s Nino Coniglio is serving L&B-style squares, Sfincione Sicilians, and classic slices.
  2. Carbo-Loading
    Here’s Wonderful News for People Who Can Jog and Eat Pizza at the SameThis is how hipsters do triathlons.
  3. Stink Pie
    Is This New York’s Smelliest Pizza?The guys at Williamsburg Pizza certainly hope so.
  4. Leftovers
    Danny Brown Drinks Celebrity Booze; Williamsburg Pizza Opens LES LocationPlus: drinking in bookstores and more brisket than you can shake a stick at, in today’s leftovers.
  5. Opening Soon
    Williamsburg Pizza Coming to Lower East SideThe Hotel Chantelle owners are involved.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Rihanna and Chris Brown Reunite; Morgan Freeman Shows Off His Emmys at Blue FinPlus: Wyclef Jean at Gina La Fornarina, Shaquille O’Neal at LT Burger, and more of this week’s celebrity dining.
  7. Openings
    Williamsburg Pizza Will Open Tonight With (of Course) a Visit From MartyThe borough prez rarely misses a chance to grab some food.