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Wiener And Still Champion

  1. Neighborhood Watch
    Izard and Dining Diva Bartending Tonight at Watershed; The Burger Point ComingPlus: Hot dog stand offers up new spicy burger, and Wrigley may add high end restaurant to complex.
  2. Food TV
    Catch Wiener and Still Champion Tonight on the Cooking ChannelWatch Wiener and Still Champion on the small screen tonight.
  3. Competitions
    Would You Challenge Wiener and Still Champion’s 3 Pound Burger?Just wait for Adam Richman.
  4. The Other Critics
    Critic Showdown at Sono Wood FiredPlus: Tamarkin visits the Burger Bar and Zemans devours the fried offerings at Wiener and Still Champion.
  5. Carnivoracious
    Enough With the Speedy Burger-Eating!Someone else beat Wiener & Still Champ’s Triple Undisputed record. Yawn.
  6. Menus
    Deep-Fried Jalapenos and a Year’s Worth of Sauces at WaSCWiener & Still Champion kicks off 2010 with a secret menu item and an ambitious sauce plan.
  7. Carnivoracious
    Wiener & Still Champ’s 911 Burger Consumed Ever FasterQumar Zaman beats the standing burger-eating record by ten minutes.
  8. Carnivoracious
    Wiener & Still Champ’s Megaburger World Record: ShatteredIt took someone just 38 minutes to eat the seven-inch tower of meat.