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  1. why
    Remember Icing Bros? Somehow Smirnoff Made It WorseJust make a spritz instead!
  2. why
    Coconut-Flavored Corona Is Here to Ruin Your SummerFinally answering the question: What happens if you mix beer with the worst flavor of LaCroix?
  3. why
    Avocado Toast Finally Gets the Breezy Summer Jam It DeservesIt sounds like someone crossed Halsey with Weird Al.
  4. news you will not want to booze
    Well, There’s Finally a Beer Made With ‘Recycled Human Urine’It’s called Pisner, of course.
  5. Why?
    Starbucks Has Already Unleashed Its Red Holiday CupsToo early, Starbucks. Way too early.
  6. Why?
    Cafe Edison’s Replacement Specializes in Gluten-Free Comfort FoodManhattan mini-chain Friedman’s is taking over.