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  1. Whoppers
    California Burger King Operator Proudly Identifies With Occupy Movement“This Burger King Owner IS the 99%!!!,” says the owner of this Burger King.
  2. Whoppers
    Burger King Tows Cars Belonging to ‘Little Old Ladies’ From ParkingSo much for “have it your way.”
  3. Have It Your Way
    Burger King Japan Starts Selling Cheap CocktailsOh, wait, never mind.
  4. Whoppers
    Whopper Lover’s Funeral Procession Takes a Trip Through BurgerA whopper Junior was placed atop his American flag-draped casket.
  5. The Big One
    Burger King Is Selling 55-Cent WhoppersWhy you so mad, Angry Whopper?
  6. Video Feed
    Watch Andy Warhol Eat a WhopperPlus: ‘Lucky Peach’ looks at the pop artist’s relationship to food.
  7. Whoppers
    Burger King Targeting Investors, MomsThe fast-food chain wants families and moms to stop by for bacon sundaes.