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  1. whoops
    Turns Out Padma Lakshmi and Priyanka Chopra Are Different PeopleThe New Yorker learned a hard lesson about confusing South Asian people over the weekend.
  2. whoops
    Bakery’s ‘Build That Wall’ Cookie Goes Over About As Well As You’d ExpectThe owner of Edmonds Bakery calls the cookie “a mistake.”
  3. whoops
    Diner Gets Free Dead Frog in Her BJ’s Restaurant SaladThe chain initially didn’t even offer to comp her beer.
  4. whoops
    Roadside Diner in France Wins Michelin Star by MistakeThe restaurant has been “swamped” ever since.
  5. whoops
    Cool Wendy’s Twitter Account Blows It by Tweeting Mascot for White SupremacyPepe the Frog is not a “a meme”; it’s an anti-Semitic hate symbol.
  6. whoops
    Venmo Is Flagging Payments for Cuban Food As Possible U.S. Trade Violations“Don’t pay Molly again for this until you hear from us.”
  7. whoops
    Vegans Are Livid Because Britain’s New Currency Includes Animal FatThe government argues it’s just an “extremely small amount.”
  8. whoops
    Simple Math Error on Restaurant Bill Makes International NewsA man somehow charged himself £1,006,082.04 for a £100 dinner.
  9. Video Feed
    Watch Restaurant Staffers Freak Out, Thinking They Won the PowerballOne guy even quit on the spot.
  10. Whoops
    Sac Bee Critic Apologizes For Mortifying MistakeBlair Anthony Robertson kinda sorta forgot to do any research and was heavily criticized on Facebook.