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  1. groceries
    Who Is Putting Anti-Israel Stickers on Packs of Hummus?They’ve appeared at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn.
  2. groceries
    How Dan Barber Helped Invent a New OnionSweet Garleek is just what it sounds like.
  3. grocery wars
    There’s a New Whole Foods in Brooklyn. You Can’t Go to It.The grocery chain has opened a new location that’s just for fulfilling online orders.
  4. coronavirus
    Whole Foods Workers Planning Nationwide Sick-out Protest on TuesdayTheir demands include increased hazard pay and health-care coverage for all workers.
  5. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Looking To Purchase 4 Fairway StoresThe Seattle–based tech giant is eyeing two locations in New Jersey, one in Westchester, and a location in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
  6. amazon
    Whole Foods Will Cut Health-Care Benefits for Nearly 2,000 EmployeesThe Amazon-owned company will no longer provide benefits for employees who work less than 30 hours per week.
  7. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Dropping Prices on a Truly Random Assortment of FoodsIncluding lots of produce.
  8. grocery wars
    Of Course Whole Foods Should Sell MarijuanaGet your asparagus water and your legal marijuana all in the same place.
  9. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Will Kill Its ‘365’ Stores Once and For AllThe grocery chain will convert all of its budget-minded locations into “regular” Whole Foods branches.
  10. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Is Raising Its Prices Back UpAmazon has also slashed the grocer’s inventory.
  11. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Planning to Pick Over the Corpses of Dead Sears and KmartsThe Amazon-owned company is reportedly eyeing locations in less densely populated midwestern states.
  12. robots
    Amazon Is Testing Its Cashier-less Technology for Bigger StoresIf it’s implemented at Whole Foods, employees’ worst fears would be confirmed.
  13. grocery wars
    Welcome to the Golden Age of Grocery ShoppingBrutal competition and advancing technology mean better food, lower prices, and loads of convenience.
  14. grocery wars
    Inside the Fight to Unionize Whole Foods“I decided I was going to try organizing on day one — it was just that awful.”
  15. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Employees Want to UnionizeToday, organizers will send out an email to employees at 490 stores encouraging them to join the effort.
  16. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Is Now Rolling Out Its Prime Discounts NationwideThe member perks expand to 121 more stores in 15 states.
  17. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Discounts for Amazon Prime Members Start TodayJeff Bezos would like to reward you for your loyalty.
  18. grocery wars
    Is Whole Foods Preparing to Give Amazon Prime Members 10 Percent Off?A new report indicates that the company is about to give Amazon Prime members access to cheaper groceries.
  19. grocery wars
    Amazon Will Discontinue Whole Foods’ Loyalty Program in Two WeeksStarting May 2, the grocer will begin shifting rewards and coupons over to Amazon Prime.
  20. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Teases Plan to Give Amazon Prime Members a 10 Percent DiscountSigns in Austin advertised “special deals just for” Prime account holders.
  21. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Decided to End the Week With Some LayoffsThe chain will centralize marketing operations to “support the needs of the business.”
  22. grocery wars
    Is Kroger About to Merge With Target?Amazon fears may have two of America’s largest grocers aiming to join forces.
  23. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Execs Bailing After Amazon Takeover“Culturally it’s been a rough start.”
  24. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Is Scrambling to Stop an Angry Vendors’ RevoltBoth national and smaller brands are upset about new merchandising fees.
  25. grocery wars
    Amazon Reportedly Merging AmazonFresh With Prime Now for Grocery DeliveryThe company makes a move to streamline its food-delivery options.
  26. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Testing Two-Hour Deliveries From Whole FoodsIs this the beginning of the end of actual grocery stores?
  27. grocery wars
    It’s Reportedly ‘Normal’ to See Whole Foods Employees Crying These DaysThe company’s controversial new inventory system is apparently to blame.
  28. kale sales
    NYC’s First Whole Foods 365 Opening Featured Long Lines and Lots of Cowbells“Honestly, it’s better than all of the Whole Foods stores in Manhattan.”
  29. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Now Selling Discounted Gadgets in Whole Foods’ Parking LotsKeep an eye out for Treasure Trucks!
  30. grocery wars
    New York’s First Lower-Priced Whole Foods 365 Store Will Open Next WeekThe new shop is on the border of Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn.
  31. grocery wars
    Amazon’s First Cashierless Store Looks an Awful Lot Like Whole FoodsJeff Bezos apparently plans on getting lots of mileage out of his newest acquisition.
  32. grocery wars
    What’s the Real Reason Whole Foods’ Shelves Are Always Empty?Staffers say a “militaristic” stocking system — put in place just before Amazon’s purchase — causes headaches for customers and employees.
  33. grocery wars
    More People Say They’re Finding ‘Entirely Empty’ Shelves at Whole FoodsThe gripe comes as local vendors also complain that they’re being pushed aside for national brands.
  34. food waste
    What to Know About Food-Waste Start-up Backed by Grocery Industry’s Top PlayersBigwigs tied to Walmart and Whole Foods think it could actually turn a profit reducing food waste.
  35. grocery wars
    Ongoing Price Wars Give Grocery Shoppers Lowest Thanksgiving Prices in 5 YearsJust about everything is cheaper this year, from turkeys on down.
  36. grocery wars
    Amazon Cuts Whole Foods’ Prices Again Ahead of ThanksgivingIt’s also rewarding Prime members with an extra 20 percent off turkeys.
  37. grocery wars
    Amazon Is Scaling Back Its Fresh-Food DeliveryBut it will keep operating in big cities like New York and L.A.
  38. grocery wars
    Whole Foods Is Actually Hiring Another 6,000 Human WorkersA small victory against Amazon’s robot overlords.
  39. grocery wars
    Will Amazon Kill Whole Foods’ Low-Priced 365 Chain?One of the only six locations that ever opened just closed for good.
  40. grocery wars
    Prices at Whole Foods Are Already Creeping Back UpThe cost of dairy and frozen foods has actually increased since Amazon’s takeover.
  41. data breaches
    Whole Foods Warns Shoppers of a Data BreachPayment systems at certain taprooms and in-store restaurants were compromised.
  42. news you can booze
    Amazon Is Quietly Seizing Control of Booze Delivery Now, TooIt just expanded the service to 12 cities, and plans to add 20 more.
  43. grocery wars
    Amazon Merger Is Bringing Whole Foods the Most Shoppers It’s Had in YearsDespite the fact that prices really aren’t any lower overall.
  44. past its prime
    Whole Foods Promises Shelf Space to Bulletproof’s New Bottled Butter CoffeeYour favorite “brain-octane” drink now comes in 12-ounce cartons of cold brew.
  45. shopping guide
    Here Are the Whole Foods Products You Can Find Right Now on AmazonThe interesting assemblage includes ice cream, frozen pizza, and lots of canned beans.
  46. curious developments
    Is Amazon Just Using Whole Foods to Unload Outdated Echos?The device is suddenly no longer for sale online.
  47. what a deal
    Go Get Whole Foods’ $2 Avocados While You Can!It’s falling hook, line, and sinker for their PR ploy, but might as well, right?
  48. Amazon’s Refusal to Pull Breitbart Ads Is Causing People to Boycott Whole FoodsAngry shoppers have decided to punish the grocery chain.
  49. grocery wars
    Amazon Prime Will Be Whole Foods’ Rewards ProgramYour $99 membership will grant you “special savings and other in-store benefits.”
  50. grocery wars
    Walmart Opened an Organic Fast-food Restaurant Inside One of Its SupermarketsThe company that sells Larry the Cable Guy chips has entered the “slow food for fast people” business.
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