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White Star

  1. Closings
    White Star Is On The MarketThe cocktail bar, once co-owned by Sasha Petraske, could be closing for good.
  2. Menu Changes
    Sasha Petraske Out at White StarThat means a new, non-Petraske-designed cocktail list for the boîte.
  3. Closings
    Big Trouble in Chinatown: White Star Is Safe, But Doyers May Be in DangerIs cheap-eats BYO favorite Doyers Vietnamese a thing of the past?
  4. Openings
    CB Minutes: Il Buco Expands, Plan B Remodels, White Star Gets Grub, and MoreAn East Village oyster bar, and more projects in the works.
  5. Personalities
    The Goth Restaurant GMThe manager of Home restaurant loves Marilyn Manson.
  6. Entreaties
    Okay, It’s Time to Stop Comparing Every New Restaurant to MomofukuIt’s getting Momo-notonous!
  7. Menu Changes
    Amid Absinthe Backlash, White Star Adds Classic CocktailsMilk & Honey drinks for just $10.
  8. Mediavore
    Finish Your Food or Pay the Price at Hayashi Ya; Joe Biden Drops Into thePlus: Garden Cafe is Zagat’s best in Brooklyn, and the story behind Dirt Candy’s name, all in our morning news roundup.
  9. Hairticulture
    White Star Owner Is Poised to Win Beard AwardAdd another to the list of hirsute bar owners.
  10. NewsFeed
    Kurve, White Star Plan to Be Going Strong TomorrowDon’t worry, Kurve’s closing is only temporary.
  11. NewsFeed
    Absinthe Update: A New Bar and Two New Brands Hit The MarketSasha Petraske’s White Star opened last night, and Lucid debuts two new varieties.
  12. In the Magazine
    One Star for Matsugen; The Best Organic Hot DogA new Petraske bar, DIY ricotta, trendy chef’s hats, and more in this week’s magazine.
  13. Mediavore
    Immigrant Pickers Scant for Apple Season; Whole Foods–Wild Oats DealApples, apples everywhere, but not an immigrant to pick them, New York growers fear. [NYT] A federal appeals court has postponed the Whole Foods-Wild Oats merger “arguing that it would reduce competition and increase prices in the marketplace for natural and organic foods.” And here, we thought “Project Goldmine” would benefit the customer. [NYT] Let us weep for the carnies: trans fats have been banned in Indiana. State fairgoers ate deep-fried Snickers and Oreos cooked in “healthier” oils. [NYT]