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White Slab Palace

  1. Temporary Closings
    White Slab Palace Is Closed Again, Possibly for GoodA sign on the door blames harassment from seventh precinct police.
  2. Closings
    Fisk Shop Shutters for GoodWhite Slab Palace’s Scandinavian takeaway is no more.
  3. Neighborhood Watch
    New Year’s Eve at Hill Country; New Crumbs UWS Gives Away CupcakesPlus: White Slab Palace hosts a Swedish Christmas dinner, and a Christmas party at Loreley, all in our daily roundup of restaurant news.
  4. At the Fleas
    The Latest Artisan Ice-Cream-Makers, Phinizy & Phebe, Are Makin’ BaconAn ice-cream start-up comes to the Hester Street Fair.
  5. Temporary Closings
    White Slab Palace Conked by Health DepartmentThe site of the falling taxidermy incident gets temporarily sidelined.
  6. Lawsuits
    PETA Weighs In on White Slab Palace’s Rogue TaxidermyA patron is suing after she was allegedly injured by a falling caribou head.
  7. Mediavore
    White Slab Palace Sued; Outback Steakhouse SettlesPlus: A call for food-label regulation and a fight in a meat shop, all in our morning news roundup.
  8. Nightlife
    Behind the White SlabAnother secret back-of-the-house party space.
  9. Menu Changes
    White Slab Starts ServingA look at White Slab Palace’s menu.
  10. Closings
    Good World Will Close Within a WeekAfter about a decade in service, the good-bye party will be next Tuesday.
  11. Openings
    A First Look Inside White Slab PalaceThe Scandinavian bar-restaurant will serve drinks this week and food in March.
  12. In the Magazine
    Platt Takes in a Show at Fishtail; Five Winter DishesPlus: a new Italian bakery and a recipe for larvae, all in this week’s magazine.
  13. NewsFeed
    Good World Closing, But Owners Will Open New Spot ShortlyYesterday we speculated that Good World didn’t have long for this world, and sadly it turns out to be true. But there are a couple of pieces of hope: Good World won’t close until fall, and owner Annika Sundvick is looking for a new location. Plus, she’s got another Swedish spot that will soon open its doors.