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  1. news you can booze
    Famous Liquor Store Says French Bandits Stole $800,000 Worth of Fine WhiskeyThe heist included a 1960 Karuizawa, the world’s oldest Japanese single malt.
  2. Shortages
    The World Is Running Out of Good ScotchAnalysts say demand for single malt is only “going to get worse.”
  3. Stellar
    Japanese Distillery Will Blast Some Whiskey Into Space Because Why Not?Suntory thinks aging in a “microgravity environment” will prevent flavors from mellowing.
  4. Tweed Spirit
    Scotland Invented Tweed That Permanently Smells Like WhiskyJohnnie Walker Black Label, specifically.
  5. Booze News
    Japanese Whisky Wins ‘World’s Best’ TitleAn industry authority calls the newly released rankings a “wake-up call” for Scotch makers.
  6. A Winkle in Time
    Pappy Van Winkle Seekers Waiting Hours for BourbonThey’re camped out outside the Liquor Barn.
  7. Spoiler Alert
    That Breaking Bad Cameo Didn’t Help Dimple Pinch SalesClerks around the country tell Grub Street that sales have increased … not at all since Sunday’s penultimate ‘Breaking Bad’ episode.
  8. Whiskey a Stay Stay
    Full Strength: Maker’s Mark Will Not Water Its Bourbon Down“And we’re sincerely sorry we let you down.”
  9. Diluted
    Maker’s Mark Is Watering Down Its BourbonDon’t worry, they say, you won’t notice the difference between 84 and 90 proof.
  10. Oh Whiskey You’re Unleaded
    When Low-Proof Whiskey Becomes High Octane FuelFill ‘er up.
  11. Booze You Can Use
    Tonight Scotch, Kilts and Legwarmers Are in Order at Pub & KitchenOne of the Islay region’s most acclaimed Scotch producers comes to Pub & Kitchen.