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Where Not To Eat

  1. Where Not to Eat
    Regarding the Scene at Chili’s in San Bruno, on Mother’s DayOnce again, Ms. Spotswood ventures where we dare not.
  2. Where Not to Eat
    Local Scribe Sickened After Meal at Hard Rock Café at the WharfBe very, very afraid of that appetizer sampler.
  3. Holidays
    Where Not to Go This St. Patrick’s DayThe five Irish bars you should avoid at all costs tomorrow.
  4. Where Not to Eat
    Beware: There Are Many Bridal Showers at Crown & Crumpet
  5. Kerfuffles
    Kitchen Staff Staged Walk-Out at Castagnola’s on the WharfThe 95-year-old restaurant has replaced its entire kitchen staff as a result of a Labor Day walkout.
  6. Where Not to Eat
    NYT Recommends Visiting Every Touristy Restaurant Along the S.F.The Cliff House? Really?
  7. Where Not to Eat
    Hooters: Where They Drag The Trash Out Through the Middle of the Dining RoomBeth Spotswood files another ‘Tourist Trapped’ column, and it’s hilarious.
  8. Where Not to Eat
    A Harrowing Tale of an Evening at Joe’s Crab Shack, Followed By a DoubleThe servers actually do a dance called the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ around your table. And this makes us sad for them.
  9. Where Not to Eat
    Won Over By a True Tourist Trap?
  10. Quote of the Day
    In Re: The Rougher Cuts of Pork From Mitteleurope
  11. Where Not to Eat
    Two Terrible Restaurants Partner In Timeshare Scheme
  12. Where Not to Eat
    Venturing to Forbes Island, That Mini-Lighthouse Restaurant Near the Sea LionsYou don’t really go there for the food, but…
  13. Where Not to Eat
    A Guide to Dining at S.F.’s Cliffside Tourist TrapsTake a tour through several renowned tourist traps with blogger Beth Spotswood.
  14. Trimmings
    Get a Load of the Statuary and Bizarrely Church-y Interior at Jeanne D’ArcWatch a new promotional video/slideshow from the Nob Hill restaurant buried in the Hotel Cornell de France.
  15. Where Not to Eat
    Read What Happens When a Local Braves Pier 39