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What Willie Wants

  1. What Willie Wants
    Watch Out, Outerlands: Willie Brown Is ComingThis should be interesting.
  2. Healthy S.F.
    Willie Brown Says Healthy S.F. Violators Should Just Negotiate With HerreraHe says they should come clean and not pay for lawyers.
  3. What Willie Wants
    ‘Old San Francisco’ Is Dining at Original Joe’s In DrovesWillie Brown says the crowd is ‘75 percent [native] San Franciscans.’
  4. WTF
    Does Willie Brown Have a Secret Endorsement Deal With Subway?He keeps name-checking Subway, and today names their Italian sub as one of this three favorite dishes in town. Does he think no one finds this fishy?
  5. What Willie Wants
    Willie Brown Urges Race-Blind Tasting of Fried ChickenRemarkably, he says, the white chefs’ chicken he tried was just as good as the African American chefs’ chicken.
  6. What Willie Wants
    Willie Brown Demands Large-Typeface Menus, No More Amuse-Bouches“Some time ago I raised questions about the testing that goes on with the so-called little treats that restaurants send out. Please give me the option to say yes or no before you show up with them.”