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  1. What to Drink
    Shocktails: Snow-Cube Margarita and Liquid-Nitrogen PainkillerFerran Adrià and Grant Achatz have fun with cocktails.
  2. Menus
    What to Eat & Drink at Locanda da Eva, Opening Next WeekThe new Berkeley resto from former critic Robert Lauriston comes alive on Tuesday.
  3. What to Drink
    Today in Cocktail Comedy: Twilight Specials at the Kabuki, and aThe Jacob and The Edward both sound disgusting, but the ‘Marina Manhattan’ we can get behind, even though it’s not a Manhattan.
  4. What to Drink
    What to Drink at Bar Agricole, the ‘Chez Panisse of Cocktails’See the full cocktail list at the long-awaited new SoMa bar from Thad Vogler.
  5. Mediavore
    What to Drink at Hog & Rocks; Emeril’s Got Yet Another ShowSee the cocktail menu at Hog & Rocks; Sam’s ChowderMobile comes to Golden Gate Park, and more.
  6. What to Drink
    What to Drink at Pickled, a Cocktail Pop-Up Tonight at AbsintheSee the menu at this new monthly cocktail party.
  7. Booze You Can Use
    What to Drink at Rickhouse This SummerErick Castro reveals the new summer special cocktail list at the FiDi’s favorite watering hole.
  8. Booze You Can Use
    What to Drink at Prospect, Opening Next WeekTake a look at the cocktail menu at the new restaurant from the Boulevard team, opening next week.
  9. What to Eat
    What to Eat & Drink at Wayfare Tavern, Opening TuesdayCheck out the full cocktail, dinner, and dessert lists at Tyler Florence’s new digs in the old Rubicon.
  10. Openings
    Inside Minor Arcana Bar, Opening Tonight in Prospect Heights“We wanted a place that was just a drinker’s bar,” says the manager.
  11. Booze You Can Use
    Enjoy a World Cup Morning Beverage in the Mission
  12. What to Drink
    What to Drink at Spoonbar, Scott Beattie’s New Home in HealdsburgSee the drink menu at the new Healdsburg destination watering hole.
  13. Oenofile
    Drink Wine on Tap in AstoriaEach keg contains the equivalent of 28 bottles.
  14. What to Drink
    Crazy CocktailsDrinks containing chorizo, lettuce, and cottage cheese?
  15. What to Drink
    Fatty ’Cue Takes Pickle Back to New HeightsPlus, bacon bourbon!
  16. What to Eat
    What to Eat and Sip at Heirloom Café, Opening TomorrowThe oenofile eatery has low-priced food but wines ranging in price well into the hundreds.
  17. Booze You Can Use
    What to Drink at Terzo Piano This SpringRyan Paykert’s cocktails feature locally sourced ingredients and liquors.
  18. What to Eat
    What to Eat on Amy Glaze’s New Menu at Le ClubThe former Charles Nob Hill space is once again seeing life as a food destination.
  19. What to Drink
    Secret Pickle Back Society: The Breslin and the Nancy Will Literally Pickle YourThe cult of whiskey with pickle juice is spreading.
  20. What to Drink
    Valentine’s ChampagneHow about a rare vintage rosé?
  21. What to Eat
    What to Eat at Heart Wine Bar, Open Today in the MissionThe new mission vino joint opens six months or so ahead of Arizmendi Bakery, which will be right next door.
  22. What to Drink
    Crossroads Brewing Sells First Beer in Park SlopeA new brewery is selling its first beer, Crossroads IPA, exclusively at Press 195.
  23. What to Drink
    Last-Minute Lush RunWhat to pick up on your way to tonight’s festivities.
  24. What to Drink
    Brooklyn Brewery Releases Backbreaker While Bacon-Beer Supply DwindlesWhy is precious bacon-beer supply being diverted to Atlanta?
  25. What to Drink
    No, Really, Cider’s Back!The colonists’ favorite beverage is raised again.
  26. What to Drink
    Underberg Makes the Bar Scene, But What About Bananaweizen?Isn’t this like eating Cracker Jack without the toy surprise?
  27. What to Drink
    Where to Drink Lambrusco TonightThe fizzy Italian wine is available at Via Emilia on Wednesday nights.
  28. What to Drink
    Brooklyn Brewery Experiments With Bacon BeerGarrett Oliver: “Either this will be the most amazingly disgusting thing you’ve ever tasted in your life. Or I shall rule the earth.”
  29. What to Drink
    Why Isn’t Butterbeer the New White Russian?Harry Potter’s favorite booze is, however, available in cupcake form.
  30. What to Drink
    Macondo’s Latest Drink ExperimentWaiter, there’s something vegetal in my drink.
  31. What to Drink
    Bosco Chocolate Soda Is Indeed Almost ExtinctOur call for information has been answered. And the news is not good.
  32. What to Drink
    Is Bosco Chocolate Soda a Thing of the Past?Really? Nobody likes a carbonated chocolate beverage?
  33. What to Drink
    It’s Good Beer Month and Beer Sangria Day!Plus, beer cocktails and Good Beer Month.
  34. What to Drink
    Pizza WinesCare for a $3 bottle of “pizza red” with that slice?
  35. What to Drink
    Alco VeraWe’re glad to see aloe vera being used in cocktails.
  36. What to Drink
    Madre de Dios! Ancient Mexican Elixir Is Located in WilliamsburgThe search for pulque is over! Sort of.
  37. What to Drink This Weekend
    Hear the Derby at Char No. 4; Crush Grapes at City WineryMake a bet, or some Malbec.
  38. What to Drink Tonight
    Stumptown Stout in GreenpointNew York’s only cask is at the Diamond in Greenpoint.