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  1. Meet the Former Starbucks Barista Who Now Runs a Legendary NYC Bar“Coffee orders are like martini orders: Guests are very particular about both.”
  2. bombs away
    How Jägermeister Gained Respect at America’s Best BarsThe once-reviled frat-house favorite has found a place at some of the country’s best bars.
  3. What to Drink
    5 Things to Know Before Trying BaijiuNew York City now has a bar dedicated to the divisive, ancient Chinese spirit.
  4. Pleasant Surprises
    Dogfish Head Makes Chocolate-Lobster Beer — and It’s GreatChoc Lobster sounds like a joke beer. Turns out it’s perfect for summer.
  5. What to Drink
    5 More Things You Need to Know About the NoMad Bar’s Cocktail Explosions“The difference is that a Cocktail Explosion is a complete cocktail … “
  6. The Dish
    This 8-Drink Megacocktail Takes 2 Bartenders 7 Minutes to MakeIt’s the NoMad Bar’s Madison Park Smash “cocktail explosion.”
  7. Openings
    What to Eat and Drink at La Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels, Opening Tonight inSmall-produced wines by the glass, and duck confit and chimichurri sandwiches, come to the neighborhood.
  8. What to Drink
    A Look at Featherweight, Now Serving Jujube-Infused Gin Cocktails inMama said knock you out! Or at least fix you a strong drink.
  9. What to Eat
    What to Eat at Desnuda, Now Serving Lobster Ceviche and Tea-Smoked Oysters inDesnuda in Brooklyn will have twenty ceviches.
  10. What to Drink
    Tørst Opens Tomorrow in Greenpoint — and Beer Lovers Should Start Getting“Everything needs to be over the top … This is the most outrageous, nerdy draft system ever.”
  11. What to Drink
    Some Bubbly-Buying Advice for NYEFirst of all, why do you only by Champagne and sparky stuff when you’re heading to a New Year’s Eve party?
  12. Guides
    Here’s Where to Eat Before and After New Year’s, and Also What toWe’ve got you covered.
  13. What to Drink
    What to Drink at Atera’s Downstairs LoungeCan we interest you in a Sour Sumac?
  14. Booze You Can Use
    What to Drink on the New Cocktail List at West of PecosWe have the full menu by barman Brent Butler.
  15. Grub Guides
    Seriously Stiff Drinks: Twelve of New York’s Booziest CocktailsAs the weather cools off, these drinks will definitely warm you up.
  16. What to Drink
    Bourgeois Pig EV Has Wine Spritzers on TapDanny Bowien will be thrilled!
  17. What to Drink
    Sneak Peek at Kingston Hall and Its Rummy Drink MenuSee photos and menus for the retro-Jamaica-themed bar.
  18. What to Drink
    Seeing Red: The City’s Most Refreshing New Watermelon DrinksBoozy, frozen, or au naturel, we’ve got you covered.
  19. Summer Guide
    Slushies Get Their Moment in the SunHigh-end takes on a low-end favorite.
  20. What to Drink
    Prithee, Gaze Upon Ye Drink List at City TavernBeverage list evokes the past at City Tavern.
  21. Openings
    What to Eat and Imbibe at Comal, Opening Today in BerkeleyThe cocktail menu features some fancy tequila and mezcal flights … and we have the full food menu.
  22. What to Drink
    What to Drink at Rock Bar, Front Porch’s New Bar in La LenguaSee the whole cocktail menu at the new gin joint.
  23. Menus
    What to Drink at The Ice Cream Bar, Opening Saturday
  24. What to Drink
    The Latest Drinking Craze: Bone LugesWatch out, picklebacks.
  25. NYE Guide
    What To Drink This NYE, Courtesy of Somm Jason Wagner of Forthcoming RMNew Year’s Eve drinking made easy thanks to the help of sommelier Jason Wagner from forthcoming RM Champagne Salon.
  26. Previews
    One More for the Hayes Valley Restaurant Boom: Dobbs Ferry Arrives Next WeekThis is the seventh new restaurant in Hayes Valley in the last six months.
  27. Openings
    What to Drink at 25 Degrees, Opening MondayRiver North gets a new burger joint on Monday.
  28. What to Drink
    David Burke’s BBQ Peach Sam Adams Beer to Drop This WeekYou’ll be able to drink the “spicy,” “floral” suds at all four of the chef’s New York restaurants.
  29. Openings
    What to Drink at Jasper’s Corner Tap, Opening TodayThe new gastropub in the old Ponzu space opens this evening at 5 p.m.
  30. What to Drink
    Prime Meats Now Selling Growlers To GoAlso: Pedlar has expanded its to-go offerings, too.
  31. What to Drink
    What’s a Shrub?Serious Eats will tell you more than you ever wanted to know!
  32. What to Drink
    Do an Anthony Weiner ‘Crotch Shot’The Anthony Weiner cocktail — it was bound to happen.
  33. What to Drink
    Cheerwine Across AmericaThe cult cherry soda will be nationally distributed.
  34. Video Feed
    What to Drink and Eat at Aviary, Now OpenThe lines for Aviary were long on the first day.
  35. What to Drink
    Care for Some Brisket in Your Brandy?A local company introduces brisket bitters.
  36. Booze You Can Use
    Locanda Now Aiming for April 19; Also, See What You’ll Be Drinking ThereAlcademics previews four of the cocktails.
  37. What to Drink
    Here’s What’s ShakingThe Shamrock comes to McDonald’s and the Carm-Mallow comes to Shake Shack.
  38. Booze You Can Use
    Linden Street Brewer Stretched Thin For Beer WeekOakland North profiles brewer Justin Lamoreaux.
  39. What to Drink
    When Beer on Ice Is Nice: The MicheladaFive local favorites.
  40. What to Drink
    Clock Bar Unveils Spring Menu, Featuring Some Crazy DrinksSee the menu via Alcademics.
  41. Quote of the Day
    What to Drink If You’re Alone on MondayAlways of a fan of the off-beat descriptors, Heart’s Jeff Segal recommends Valentine’s wines for various types of lovers.
  42. What to Drink
    A Vodka Comeback? Nobody Told Rum House’s Bloody Mary MenuBut Fort Defiance is doing a drink with Port Chester honey vodka.
  43. Openings
    What to Eat at Pause Wine Bar, Opening Next WeekSee the full food menu at the new replacement for CAV.
  44. Oeno-File
    What to Drink (and Eat) at the Liberty Wine Bar, Opening Next Week Behind theAlso, drink some free wine there in February!
  45. What to Eat
    What to Drink and Nosh at Black Sheep, Now Open on PolkCheck out the full drink and “nosh” menu.
  46. What to Drink
    Le Comptoir and Hill Country Chicken Get Beer and Wine$2 beers all around!
  47. What to Drink
    Can Il Matto Interest You in a Smoked-Salmon Martini?The restaurant’s winter cocktail list just dropped, and it’s more than a little weird.
  48. What to Drink
    What to Drink on Thanksgiving, Via Two Sommeliers
  49. What to Drink
    Eddie Huang Introduces All-You-Can-Guzzle Four LokoDoes this mean an ambulance will have to park outside of Xiao Ye?
  50. Openings
    What to Drink (and Eat) at Jones, Opening FridayCheck out all the menus at this new venue, from the owners of Mighty and some new partners.
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