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What Not To Eat

  1. What Not to Eat
    At All Costs, Avoid the Chocolate Egg Nog at Trader Joe’sApparently, this is a must-miss.
  2. What Not to Eat
    Sorry, You Absolutely Cannot Eat These Animals in New York StateKangaroo may be back on menus, but a certain species is banned, along with several other animals.
  3. What Not to Eat
    Fishermen’s Grotto Called ‘The Mel Gibson of Restaurants’“This place is the Mel Gibson of restaurants: emotionally abusive and handsome 15 years ago.”
  4. What Not To Eat
    Change of HeartAnother crime against pizza
  5. What Not to Eat
    Aw or Ew? The Heart-Shaped Papa John’s PiePlus, the Domino’s Pizza Tracker hits the $1 billion mark.
  6. What Not to Eat
    Mysterious Ghost Restaurant Produces ‘An Affront to the Hamburger’What exactly is “Burger Exit” and how are its patties?
  7. What Not to Eat
    Would You Eat This Ugly Fish?Researchers have discovered a new species. Probably not a solution to the wild-versus-farmed dilemma.
  8. What Not to Eat
    Chipstix Continues to Fascinate and DisturbThere’s something really off about these fried potatoes on a stick.