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  1. chef shuffle
    Say Good-bye to Blue Hill at Stone BarnsChef Dan Barber has other plans for his restaurant’s reopening.
  2. Openings
    First Look at Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Inn at Pound RidgeThe chef opens his latest restaurant this week.
  3. Leftovers
    Sushi Zo Coming Downtown; John Sedlar Seeking Patrons for Museum TamalA tier of donation levels ranges from “Bell Peppers” to “Habaneros.”
  4. Openings
    Sneak Preview Look into Humble Potato, Opening Friday in WestchesterA simple gray space pops with red chairs and cult Japanese and U.S. toys.
  5. Coming Soon
    ‘Hambagas’ and Fries Coming to Humble Potato, Opening Soon in WestchesterOwner Eric Ong explains, “We’re not trying to be Umami Burger, we’re not trying to be Father’s Office.”
  6. Closings
    West Chester’s Gilmore’s Ends Its 11-Year RunThe restaurant closed and there are no plans to revive.
  7. Freebies
    Pann’s Offers Free Sock-It-To-Me Cake Next WeekThe offer is intended to celebrate the 95th birthday of founder Rena Poulus, who still works front-of-the-house.
  8. Beer Me
    Iron Hill Rolls Out the Belgian BarrelsMore than 30 different Belgian style ales will be on tap.
  9. Staycation
    A Feast by Marco Canora and Anthony Goncalves Is Probably Worth the SchlepA carnivore’s love den.
  10. Empire Building
    Oh La La: Jean-Georges Opening a Restaurant in Westchester, TooHe’ll be taking over the Inn at Pound Ridge.
  11. Foodienomics
    Westchester’s Ayara Thai Next To Get Busted For Wage Violations$162,201 will go to 35 employees who made as little as $45 a day working twelve-hour shifts.
  12. Menus
    Avalon Introduces New MenusAlong with the menus, Chef John Brandt-Lee will continue offering prix fixe options and other deals.
  13. Beefs
    Chefs Have Gripes About Restaurant WeekChefs Grub Street spoke with have much to moan about.
  14. Empire Building
    Wacky Wok Opens in Westchester and MontroseAfter 25 years with a Venice store, a Chinese restaurant triples its presence.
  15. Blehtacular
    Bistrotek Issues a Triple-Decker Burger ChallengeThe gastro-pub is also offering a 25% discount to lure local students, school lunch reform be damned.
  16. Menus
    Bistrotek Touts New Chef and MenusLorin Krone steps up to exec chef from sous chef, bringing Puck training and a farmer’s market obsession with him.
  17. Neighborhood Watch
    Despite 10 Rittenhouse’s Woes, Serafina Is On Track for Fall Opening; AgiatoPlus Mustard Greens reopens, and Movie Tavern is coming to Collegeville, all in our roundup of neighborhood news.
  18. Menus
    Avalon Updates Its Menus for SummerThe new seasonally-inspired dishes debut tonight.
  19. Openings
    Ex–Union Square Café Sommelier and Sous-Chef Head NorthMaialino’s well-regarded sommelier is opening a restaurant in Armonk.
  20. Truckin’
    Food Truck Court Begins Beside L.A.X. TodayThe event is planned every Tuesday.
  21. Foodievents
    Dinah’s Celebrates 50 YearsSepulveda’s secret-fried chicken diner is having a b-day party
  22. NewsFeed
    Sonic Gets Closer to New York, But Blue Coconut Slush Eludes Us If you’ve been to one of Sonic Drive-In’s 3,400-odd burger joints (you know, the ones with the carhops — some of them on roller skates) and have suburban nostalgia for the chocolate shakes, cherry limeades, and belly-busting 44-ounce slushes, you’ll have to travel 100 miles before you hit the nearest location (in Pennsylvania). That will change by the end of the year, says president of Sonic Industries, Scott McLain: The chain has broken ground on its first New Jersey outpost in Waretown (about an hour and a half from the city), with more to follow. What’s more, Sonic is working to bring a location to the New York metropolitan area within two years, but the closest it will get to Manhattan is Westchester County. “I don’t really know if we’ll move into the city or not,” McLain says, but he’s open to it. It’s time to get those petitions going. Sonic [Official site]
  23. Mediavore
    High Tide for Water Prices; Yet Another BLT OpensAh, the joys of free-flowing water. Well, kind of free — the city water board just agreed to up water costs 11.5 percent this year, and another 11.5 percent next year. [NYP] A guide to New York restaurants that play that wonderful organ music. [Gridskipper] A stealth addition to the ever-expanding BLT empire: a BLT Steak in the Westchester Ritz-Carlton. [Westchester.com]
  24. Mediavore
    Bourdain Talks Smack About Chodorow, Others; The Joys of Rotting MeatThe joys of rotting meat, as explained by Robert’s Steakhouse chef Adam Perry Lang. [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Tony Bourdain was captured on video at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival talking shit about Food Network personalities to a crowd. [Snack] … And late yesterday, laid into Chodorow using Bruni’s Robert’s Steakhouse review as a pretext: “One might ask if it’s ever a good idea anyway to spend 40,000 bucks reminding the public that the New York Times think you suck.” [Rulhman]
  25. Back of the House
    Startling Results of a Franco-American Summit; Queens Restaurant’s MobFrench journalists and top NY chefs and food personalities meet at Franco-American gastronomy summit. The consensus? The world needs fewer haute restaurants, more steakhouses, and to go to war to protect foie gras. [Bloomberg] Le Binge: Gael Greene’s account of her French Eat-a-Thon [NYM] The city contracted with the nephew of a former acting Gambino boss to run Caffe on the Green, Bayside’s answer to Tavern on the Green. This on the heels of the news that the Colombo family and the Russian mob together operate a golf course in Brooklyn. [NYP] There are apparently a number of people who are enthusiastic about food and travel constantly sampling it. Among these are Jane and Michael Stern, Chowhound’s Jim Leff, and a guy who works for a management and technology consulting firm. Who knew? [NYT] Chow provides a sorely-needed molecular gastronomy cheat sheet, which not only explains spherification, but even tells you how to pronounce the names of the movement’s major exponents. [Chow] A relatively inexpensive cooking school established in Westchester, boasting a 100% placement rate. Now about those wages … [7online] The question of what constitutes “true Japanese” food to be settled once and for all, when the Japanese External Trade Organization begins certifying restaurants. [Mainichi Daily News]