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  1. dust ups
    What’s So Controversial About Australian Sushi?Fast, cheap, and filled with tuna salad.
  2. restaurant review
    Libertine Is New York’s Bistro du JourOur new critic lands a near-impossible reservation.
  3. closings
    I Sodi’s Last NightThe scene from its shoebox-size space before it moves to Bleecker Street.
  4. the underground gourmet
    A Tasting Menu That Ends With Plenty of LeftoversBird Dog offers the most useful luxury of all.
  5. moving
    The Famously Tiny I Sodi Is Moving to Bigger DigsRita Sodi’s beloved little dining room will move — and finally get a bit bigger.
  6. closings
    Good-bye to Pearl, the Oyster Bar That Launched a Million Lobster Rolls“A perfect storm” of calamities led to the restaurant’s closing, according to owner Rebecca Charles.
  7. restaurant review
    Culinary Time Travel With Some Bumps in the Road at Commerce Inn“I couldn’t help pining for a proper pub burger … or even a helping of mashed potatoes.”
  8. the year i ate new york
    How 9 P.M. Became the New Midnight for RestaurantsLate-night dining has disappeared from New York City’s hottest restaurants.
  9. interviews
    The Indefatigable Jonathan WaxmanAfter 50 years in the fire, what could Barbuto’s chef possibly have left to prove?
  10. endorsements
    A Sharper, Snappier, Picklier Health SaladPoulet Sans Tête’s version goes heavy on the cucumbers and skips the sugar.
  11. restaurant review
    Dining and Dashing at SemmaAttempting to savor South Indian delights during a COVID surge.
  12. urban forager
    At Té Company, the Persimmons Are Hung Up to Dry“The old way of preserving ingredients — for me, it’s fascinating.”
  13. openings
    Jody Williams and Rita Sodi Go Domestic With the Commerce InnHeirloom American recipes and tavern-style drinks in a historic West Village space.
  14. the underground gourmet
    An L.A. Chef Comes to New York Bearing PancakesBreakfast by Salt’s Cure’s Chris Phelps has been making his signature dish since he was 2.
  15. openings
    Emmett’s on Grove Is a West Village Version of a Wisconsin Supper ClubIt opens tonight with Chicago-style thin-crust pizza and baby back ribs.
  16. openings
    French Bistro Marian’s Opens in the West VillageChef Christian Rowan cooked at Bouley and Le Bernardin.
  17. underground gourmet quick bite
    St. Jardim Isn’t Your Everyday All-Day CaféMoravian Muscat, labneh omelets, and Brazilian banana candy on a prime people-watching West Village corner.
  18. reopenings
    The High-Design Return of Henrietta HudsonNew York’s longest-operating lesbian bar is back in business.
  19. bye for now
    A Final Ciao for Morandi’s World-Class Maître d’Roberto made Morandi feel like home, until COVID made it impossible to stay in New York.
  20. openings
    Can a New Grocery Store Give Manhattan Something Truly New?At New York Biltong, the namesake snack is the star of the menu.
  21. interviews
    I Turned My Quarantine Bread Into a Full-blown Bakery Business“I am in front of the oven for every baguette. I have to be really focused.”
  22. temporary closings
    Good-bye (for Now) to Myers of Keswick, a Haute-Hoarder Anglophile’s ParadiseThe idiosyncratic British grocer will shut down — and hopefully reopen soon.
  23. reopenings
    Barbuto 2.0 Is a New and Improved Neighborhood GemChef Jonathan Waxman’s seminal West Village trattoria is back in action.
  24. openings
    Anton’s Is Nick Anderer’s Ode to Old New YorkFor when you’re craving Welsh rarebit and angel-hair francese.
  25. farewells
    Good-bye to the White Horse Tavern, a Flawlessly Imperfect PubThere may never be another bar quite like it.
  26. openings
    The West Village Has a New Haven for Breakfast Sandwiches and Rotisserie ChickenThree Owls Market opens today.
  27. closings
    Barbuto, a Literally Perfect Restaurant, Will Close in MayJonathan Waxman’s pioneering trattoria opened in 2004.
  28. good carbs
    Bagel Maven Melissa Weller Is Baking Again in New York at High Street on HudsonWest Village brunch has never looked better.
  29. openings
    Niche Niche Is a New Wine Bar That Will Be a Nightly Dinner PartyIt’s the latest spot from Ariel Arce of Air’s Champagne Parlor and Tokyo Record Bar.
  30. reopenings
    Café Loup Returned Last Night With Customers Old and — Surprise! — NewAfter a brush with death, the storied West Village hangout reopens with new life.
  31. restaurant review
    Jeju Noodle Bar Breathes New Life Into an Overly Familiar FormulaDouglas Kim builds his noodle recipes with a perfectionist’s attention to detail.
  32. the dish
    New York’s Best Tearoom Has a New Taiwanese-Inspired MenuTé Company is now serving spicy peanuts, preserved kumquats, and this hearty bowl of lu rou fan, the rustic pork-sauce-over-rice dish.
  33. openings
    Say Hello to Fairfax, Gabriel Stulman’s New All-Day CaféThe relaxed restaurant is now open in the West Village.
  34. openings
    Soon, the West Village Will Have Two New $50 Sushi OmakasesSushi on Jones is expanding, while its former chef is opening a similar concept of his own.
  35. closings
    Mimi Sheraton’s Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant, Good, Is ClosingA regular’s lament.
  36. closings
    West Village Institution Pó Has ClosedAfter 24 years.
  37. opening
    What to Eat at the Spaniard, Opening April 3 in the West Village“It’s an old Irish pub meets a New York tavern,” inspired by classic New York watering holes like Old Town and P. J. Clarke’s.
  38. openings
    How the Owner of Sushi Nakazawa Rebooted Manhattan’s Most Iconic SpeakeasyAfter being closed for nearly a decade, Chumley’s is open again, though at this point only the name is the same.
  39. openings
    A Sushi Yasuda and Nakazawa Chef Is Behind NYC’s Latest Luxe Omakase RestaurantAkashi opens in the West Village next week.
  40. interviews
    Why This Chef Took a Risk and Bought One of NYC’s Most Notorious Restaurants“This was an opportunity to bring this place back from the dead.”
  41. interviews
    How One Chef Built a Restaurant Specifically to Appeal to the Instagram Set“This is not meant to be one restaurant. This is meant to be 20 restaurants in eight to ten years, full scale.”
  42. chalait
    Matcha Madness Is Here to Stay in New YorkChalait will close in the West Village but then open in Nomad and Chelsea Market.
  43. Recognition
    The Stonewall Inn Is Now a National MonumentIt’s the country’s first for LGBT rights.
  44. Openings
    Hao Noodle and Tea Is the American Debut of a Veteran Chinese RestaurateurThe menu at this outpost of the Madam Zhu’s Kitchen chainlet includes crispy shrimp sauté, roasted Cantonese chicken, minced-pork noodles, and more.
  45. Re-Openings
    Pommes Frites Rises From the Ashes, Reopens in West VillageThe East Village explosion destroyed the original shop.
  46. Sweets
    Bone-Marrow-Chocolate Is the Latest Luxe Doughnut FlavorThe marrow makes it taste extra rich and velvety.
  47. Restaurant Review
    High Street on Hudson Excels at Just About EverythingFrom breakfast sandwiches that look like they’ve been assembled by trained forager cooks to the high-minded barnyard fare on the dinner menu.
  48. Design
    The New Perla Cafe Doubles As Gabriel Stulman’s Art Gallery“I just love it — Lil Wayne in an astronaut outfit.”
  49. Openings
    Suprema Provisions Is Essentially a Teeny-Tiny EatalyThe wine bar, now open on Bleecker Street, has a retail component.
  50. Openings
    Suprema Provisions Is Essentially a Teeny-Tiny EatalyThe wine bar, now open on Bleecker Street, has a retail component.
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