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  1. Ramen Brahmins
    Tsujita Dreams Of Ramen JiroRather than alleviate demand, L.A.’s favorite ramen restaurant imports a controversial style of Japanese noodles.
  2. Burger Time
    Plan Check Cooks Up a ‘Lakers Pride’ BurgerThe two smashed patties with gold and purple cheese on a crunch bun will only be available when the team is playing.
  3. Deals
    Five-Dollar Ramen at HayatemaruIn honor of its anniversary, white miso and Hokkaido ramen will both be offered on discount.
  4. Openings
    Tsujita Annex Opens Thursday To Invitees OnlyIn typical style, the first four days of business will be dedicated to Facebook fans only.
  5. Mixocalypse
    St. Pat’s at Freddy SmallsThe restaurant will introduce house-made corned beef sandwiches and a new cocktail called the Shillelagh.
  6. Openings
    A Look Into Hayatemaru Ramen, Now Open in West L.A.The Hokkaido-style ramen made famous in Torrance is now serving in the former home of Raku.
  7. Freebies
    Free Wings and Fatburgers in West L.A.Fatburger and Buffalo’s Cafe Express are celebrating their new-found union tomorrow.
  8. Quote of the Day
    The Trials of Getting Into TotorakuBasically, you’re still not getting in here.
  9. Mixocalypse
    Bartender Johan Stein Replaces Dave Fleisher at Freddy SmallsThe Venice local has a full new menu, but is sticking to simple aesthetics.
  10. Guest Stars
    Andre Guerrero And David Feau Cooking at Tapenade, February 27Feau, who recently closed The Royce in Pasadena, will team up with The Oinkster chef-owner and former L’Orangerie sous chef Ressul Rassallat.
  11. Freebies
    Free Cruller For Plan Check’s FirstThe restaurant will tempt you away from ramenville next Wednesday.
  12. Openings
    Ramen Hayatemaru Arrives In West L.A.The imported chain specializes in miso-based Hokkaido ramen.
  13. Ramen Brahmins
    Tsujita Artisan Noodle Expanding Across the Street To Miyata Menji SpaceThe new annex will help stem the overflow of hungry ramen-cultists.
  14. Fire Damage
    Blaze Subdued at Dolores RestaurantThe fire comes after a recent relaunch of this ancient Oklahoma import.
  15. Coming Soon
    Soba Sojibo Overtaking Orris on SawtelleThe noodles are daily made and served ice-shocked and slippery.
  16. Chef Shuffles
    Bazaar-Vet Wonny Lee Brings Modernist Lilt to HamasakuUnder the new chef, takoyaki transforms into arancini, unagi is layered with lardo, and salmon is smoked with a handheld gun.
  17. Openings
    Coco Fresh Tea and Juice Expands The Options on on SawtelleThe Taiwanese import offers adjustable sugar levels in its hot and cold drinks.
  18. The Other Critics
    Rodell Raves About Mozza’s Salumi Nights; Gold Name Checks at Plan CheckGold considers the West L.A. burger bar through the prism of Myhrvold, Umami Burger, and Blumenthal.
  19. Menus
    What to Eat at Freddy Smalls’ Society Pig Dinner, This Sunday in West L.A.Charlie Parker’s using a whole pig in dishes like pork cheek ragout and a bacon and date cake.
  20. Coming Soon
    Bachi Burger Secures Safe & Save Space on SawtelleThe Sin City burger joint is still promising a fall opening at the site of this shuttered 40-year-old mom and pop.
  21. Openings
    Seoul Sausage Offers Sneak Peek TodayTonight, The Great Food Truck Race winner will offer its non-tubular creations.
  22. Coming Soon
    My Fit Foods Overtaking West L.A.’s Giggle ‘n HugsThe gluten-free health food chain comes from Texas with turkey migas and peach pico de gallo.
  23. Let’s Do Brunch
    Fried Brussels Sprouts, It’s What’s For Sunday Brunch at Freddy SmallsThe menu also includes morning cocktails like an iced coffee and pickled peach Bellinis.
  24. Coming Soon
    Sin City’s Bachi Burger Opening on Sawtelle This FallThe Asian-influenced burger joint comes from a former Roy’s chef and has been repeatedly praised by Vegas critics.
  25. Openings
    Sawtelle Scouting: Seoul Sausage Due Soon, Miyata Menji Closed for RemodelA new pizza place, inspired by 800 Degrees, is also about a week away for its debut.
  26. The Other Critics
    Gold Shouts Out Shunji; Rodell Revels in L&E Oyster BarIncreasingly, the Matsuhisa veteran is being praised for his produce more than his sashimi.
  27. Ramen Brahmins
    Kotoya Ramen to Return on August 21Following a soft-launch, the tonkotsu and tsukemen spot had to pause to handle some exhaust duct issues.
  28. Foodievents
    Birthday at Bru Haus, Bastille Day at Industriel and 3rd Street StationWhere to get free absinthe, discount drinks, and Alsatian beer this weekend.
  29. Booze News
    Freddy Smalls Sports New Summer CocktailsDavid Fleischer’s new drinks include a pickled peach Old Fashioned and a Mulberry Shrub Pimm’s Cup.
  30. Ramen Brahmins
    Kotoya Ramen Replacing Rojas Eatery in West L.A.Tokyo-native Shinsuke Horinouch promises a meticulous approach to his tonkotsu ramen.
  31. Ramen Brahmins
    Two New Ramen Restaurants Help to Saturate SawtelleTatsu and Jinya are now serving Little Osaka, with enough room left for both to garner praise.
  32. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    Freddy Smalls Launches Happy HourThe discounted drinks still seem to be a draw over the edible selections.
  33. Coming Soon
    Seoul Sausage Company Opening in Little OsakaThe makers of kim chi and kalbi wieners plan to debut before summer.
  34. Openings
    SliceTruck Opens Sawtelle Brick-and-Mortar, Keeps Truck in The NameThe new eatery promises to serve pizza unlike any in the world.
  35. Caffeinated Combat
    Plan Check Welcomes Coffee Tomo to The PartyThe Sawtelle bean roaster is behind the popular restaurant’s new coffee program.
  36. Superlatives
    West L.A.’s Primo’s Picked as One of Food & Wine’s Best U.S. DoughnutsThe 60-year-old donut shop is like a preserved slice of vintage L.A.
  37. Openings
    Miyata Menji, The ‘In-N-Out of Ramen,’ Opens on Sawtelle TomorrowAn import from Osaka, the menu has just two options.
  38. Reopenings
    The Return of Shunji, Now Re-Open in West L.A.The kaiseki restaurant is hidden behind a discreet in the old site of Mr. Cecil’s.
  39. Empire Building
    Sushi Stop Takes Over Sawtelle’s New Japan, Also Opening in The ValleyThe new restaurant will combine the best of both eateries and will even be called “New Japan by Sushi Stop.”
  40. Openings
    Orris Reopens as Spaghetti House by Orris; Nong Lá Bringing Vietnamese toWith Nina’s, Plan Check, Nong La, and this new entry opening, the flavor profile is changing on Japanese-heavy Sawtelle.
  41. Openings
    Plan Check Opening in West L.A. on February 22ndFinally, Steve Livigni and Pablo Moix hit Little Osaka.
  42. Closings
    Operations at gr/eats gr/inding To a Halt on MondayAfter a solid seven-year run, Eric Nakamura’s cafe might be replaced by a tsukemen ramen shop.
  43. Coming Soon
    Plan Check Bringing Burgers and Cruller to West L.A., Opening Late FeburaryDishes include double-smoked, double-spiced pastrami on upside-down burger buns.
  44. Late-Night
    What to Eat Late-Night at Freddy Smalls, In Addition to The Pig Ear and FriedThe West L.A. bar and restaurant has late-night dining written all over it, now it has a menu to back it up.
  45. Coming Soon
    Plan Check Hopes to Hit West L.A. in Three WeeksThe restaurant looks to be placing as much emphasis on the bar as it is on Ernesto Uchimura’s menu.
  46. The Other White Meat
    Pig Ears: They’re What’s For Late-Night BreakfastFreddy Smalls serves a pig ear, bacon, and egg sandwich on its late-night menu.
  47. Fever for Lefebvre
    LudoBites 8.0 Taking Over Lemon MoonThe chef’s rabid following will trek to West L.A. for a 25-day reign of the ever popular pop-up.
  48. Closings
    Mr. Cecil’s Goes Up in Smoke on PicoAsanebo’s owner will now take a stab at the space.
  49. Openings
    Freddy Smalls Bar and Kitchen Opens Tonight at 5:30 P.M. in West L.A.The neighborhood gets its first peek at former Ubuntu chef Jeremy Fox’s SoCal menu tonight.
  50. Openings
    West L.A. Gets Its Own Hokkaido TomorrowThe Japanese and Chinese all-you-can-eat everything restaurant comes gunning for Westside waistlines.
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