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Wes Lieberher

  1. Openings
    Beer Belly’s Wes Lieberher Opens p.s. beverly hills, Now Open in 90210The chef behind foie gras Oreos and duck French dips will change his new menus daily.
  2. Beer Me
    The Beer Chicks Welcoming Public to a Book Release Party, Sunday at Beer BellyThe beer pros have a new online brew shop and a tome on homebrewing.
  3. Let The Eat Foie
    Beer Belly Presents ‘Gone, But Not Foiegotten,’ June 30 in KTownChef Wes Leiberher might be the Shakespeare of questionable foie gras wordplay.
  4. Let Them Eat Foie
    Three More Foie-Focused Dinners On the Way From Beer Belly, Cafe del Rey, andBeer Belly’s bash is planned for California’s final night of legal foie.