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  1. smoke alarm
    Recreational Weed Is Immediately Legal in New YorkThe city’s summer of hedonism gets an early start.
  2. weed
    Arizona Iced Tea Finally Getting Into the Weed BusinessThe beverage maker has reached a licensing deal with a Colorado cannabis company.
  3. food business
    Martha Stewart Will Finally Get Into the Marijuana BusinessThe lifestyle queen has taken on an advisory role at Canadian weed company Canopy Growth.
  4. Weed
    Pot Growers Have Realized They’re Pretty Awesome at Growing Vegetables,An “increasing number” are transitioning from marijuana to produce.
  5. Science
    Chillest Scientists Ever Explain Why Pot Causes the MunchiesIt’s not your fault that you ate an entire pizza.
  6. The Future
    Will Whole Foods Enter the Legal-Weed Business?One industry analyst says, “Whole Foods could be the Whole Foods of cannabis.”
  7. Video Feed
    Watch a 91-Year-Old Italian Grandma Cook With Weed“Chicken pot-cciatore” is her signature infused dish.
  8. Video Feed
    Watch Sarah Silverman Try to Make Pot Pie While She’s Stoned“Oh my God, this is so healthy right now.”
  9. The Chain Gang
    Sonic Fires Worker Who Accidentally Served Bag of Weed“It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”
  10. Leftovers
    4/20 Brings Beer-B-Que and Grateful Dead Tribute Band to City Tap House; BarsPlus Federal Donuts on “The Chew”; and Pub & Kitchen reopens.
  11. Smoke and Mirrors
    In the Weeds: Lawsuit Alleges Philippe Allowed Celebs to Toke in SecretPuff, puff, pass the crabmeat soup dumplings.
  12. Smokin’
    Roberta’s Gonzo Ganja Tasting MenuSounds pretty good if you’re into the side effects.
  13. Happy Holidaze
    Crock Pot CannabisJust in time for 4/20, some handy weed-cooking tips.
  14. Bookshelf
    High Times Cookbook Will Tell You How to Bake, Get Baked’The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook’ will soon hit shelves.
  15. Video Feed
    Next Food Network Star? El Chefe Hosts ‘Ghetto Pothead Cooking Show’Find out how to make a burrito using Lucky Charms, habichuelas, and “some lasagna from an ex-girlfriend.”