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Waylynn Lucas

  1. Quote of the Day
    Waylynn Lucas Has Complicated Feelings About Eat, Drink, LoveThe Bravo show tackles all of the usual topics: sex, dating, and train wrecks.
  2. Foodies With Benefits
    Five Pastry Chefs Pop-Up For ‘Sweet and Savory’ at BreadBarPastry pros like Waylynn Lucas and Providence’s David Rodriguez will each bring something sweet to a savory course and something savory to their sweets.
  3. Sweet Things
    Waylynn Lucas Adds Chocolate Grab-Bags and Bourbon Pecan Pie to FonutsThe former Bazaar chef is hitting the hard stuff again for the holidays.
  4. Temporary Closings
    It’s Time to Stop Making the Fonuts!The new cafe has to close for a spell, finding their baked treats are just too popular with Third Street.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Fonuts Takes Kiss My Bundt Space; Week-Long IPA Fest at Naja’s PlaceRare and prized hoppy beers will dominate The South Bay starting this Thursday.
  6. Foodies with Benefits
    Taste of the Nation Brings Early Tastes of Short Order, ink., and FonutsSome of 2011’s most anticipated projects will see their debut at the anti-hunger fund-raiser.
  7. Mediavore
    Time for Waylynn Lucas to Make the ‘Fonuts"; J. Gold Recalls A Meal inThe former Bazaar pastry chef has invented a new take on an old favorite.
  8. Chef Shuffles
    Anthony Zappola Departs Craft, John Keenan Steps Up To Executive LevelThe shuffle hardly mirrors any of the drama going down in Colicchio’s New York empire.
  9. Foodies With Benefits
    Waylynn Lucas, Karen Hatfield, and Sprinkles Speak Up For Cancer AwarenessTwo prized pastry chefs appear on TV to promote fund-raising special menu items.
  10. Slideshow
    First Look at Food & Wine’s ‘Taste of Beverly Hills’A truly local crowd mingled with celebrities, star chefs, and food-obsessives, only losing their appetites when The Kardashian Family was given the key to the city.
  11. Neighborhood Watch
    Concern Foundation Block Party Held Tomorrow in Hollywood; Marina Del Rey NotThe 36th annual event will feature restaurants like Lawry’s, Little Dom’s, and Grill on the Alley, while a certain smoothie shop definitely won’t make it.
  12. Foodievents
    Chef Supergroup Caters Sashi Sushi’s Iron Chef AppearanceT.V. cooking competition vets Michael Voltaggio and Iron Chef Morimoto, among other toques, will help prepare a six-course dinner while watching the show with guests.
  13. Menus
    Eat Dessert For Dinner Tonight at BreadBarA dinner of nothing but sweet stuff lands at BreadBar’s Hatchi Series.