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  1. Openings
    Kristine Subido Leaving Wave To Make Mom’s Filipino ChickenMom’s recipe inspires chef’s move.
  2. User’s Guide
    Chicago’s Best Flights, From Bacon to Beer to Ice CreamNot to mention tacos, vodka, pancakes, cupcakes, cheese, guacamole, and of course wine.
  3. Back of the House
    Shocker: Chefs’ Kids Love to EatHow Kristine Subido and Phillip Foss get their kids to have adventurous palates.
  4. The Other Critics
    Branch 27 is in Good Hands; Wave Runs Hot and ColdPlus: Quince produces at least one stellar dish, and Sun Wah is as good as ever.
  5. Thanksgiving
    Paleolithic Turkey and Good-Luck Noodles: Thanksgiving at Home with ChicagoMike Sheerin, Kristine Subido, Ryan Poli, and more share their Thanksgiving plans and mishaps.
  6. Marketing Gimmicks
    Wave Takes ‘Indoor Street Food’ LiterallyA new program at Wave brings a literal street food cart into the restaurant.
  7. Back of the House
    Baby WaveWave chef Kristine Subido gives birth to a baby girl.