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  1. the chain gang
    Washington Post Critic Warns McDonald’s Sriracha-Kale Burger Is a ‘Cry for Help’“The fast-food equivalent of watching your Dad sport rompers and pledge his undying love for Drake.”
  2. recognition
    Readers Sent Pizza to the Washington Post as Thank-you for Its Trump CoverageOther newsrooms should expect some free pies, too.
  3. unthinkable
    The Washington Post Will Cancel Its Beloved Annual Peeps ContestIt’s been a brutal couple of weeks in Washington, D.C.
  4. you are wrong
    America Reminds Washington Post Writer Not to Mess With Ranch DressingIt’s the country’s No. 1 salad enhancer for a reason.
  5. Chef Shuffle
    M Restaurant Gets a New ChefOutgoing chef Pascual Cancelliere is focusing on opening his own restaurant.
  6. Mediavore
    BYOBoringYes, we have BYOBs and they are good.