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Walter Scheib

  1. RIP
    Searchers Have Recovered the Body of Former White House Chef Walter ScheibThe 61-year-old, who cooked for presidents Clinton and George W. Bush, had been missing for more than a week.
  2. Awful Things
    Former White House Chef Walter Scheib Has Been Missing for a Week [Updated]He disappeared while hiking alone in the New Mexico woods.
  3. Food Politics
    Former White House Chef Disarms Foodie ElitesBack off, Alice Waters. The First Family already eats organic.
  4. Back of the House
    White House Chef Confirms Bush Is Crackers“The Loneliest President,” the cover story in this week’s magazine, keeps resonating with us. Earlier, we wondered aloud whether Bush’s near-delusional state had something to do with the departures of his two pastry chefs. Now we discover that a new memoir, White House Chef , from former head cook Walter Scheib, who was fired by the Bushes in early 2005, supports John Heilemann’s suggestion that W. is an emotionally stunted, narcissistic personality incapable of empathy or growth.