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Wall Street

  1. the dish
    Augustine’s Viennese Wedding Soup Is Like a Middle-European RamenAustrian comfort food par excellence.
  2. Bad Investment
    Whole Foods Shares Have Dropped Nearly 50 PercentInvestors are “almost uniformly negative on the company.”
  3. Coming Soon
    Anthony Scaramucci’s Elite Times Square ‘Clubhouse’ forAt the Hunt and Fish Club, service “transcends the stiff formalities of traditional steakhouses.”
  4. Small Plates
    Anthony ‘the Mooch’ Scaramucci Opening Awesome New Restaurant for1987 called and said it wants its restaurant idea back.
  5. Scams
    Bankers Seamlessly Milking the SystemIt’s not exactly surprising news.
  6. Displays of the Grotesque
    Wall Street Fat Cats Killing Time by Literally Making Themselves FatSomething called “Food Eating Challenges” are the latest trend to hit the city’s financial types.
  7. Marketing Gimmicks
    Smith & Wollensky Now Accepts Stocks for SteakGot your bonus in stocks instead of cash this year? Don’t despair!
  8. Truckin’
    Goldfarb Answers Pressing Question: ‘Where’s the Beef’An update on the state of the Picnick Smoked truck.
  9. Mediavore
    Rachael Ray Was Burger Bashful; Wall Street’s Food Carts Feel FinancialA club that saw two fights over the weekend, and whether Long Island’s wineries were able to overcome this year’s bad weather, from our morning glance at the headlines.
  10. Dining Dollars
    Crisis? What Crisis?Not all Wall Streeters are crying into cheap beers.
  11. Models and Bottles
    The Last Days of Bottle Service?Nightlife types pontificate on the future of the industry’s most hated institution.