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  1. holy smokes
    Smoked Water Now Exists and It Costs More Than ScotchIt’s the result of a challenge put out by chef Heston Blumenthal.
  2. so hot right now
    New ‘World’s Hottest’ Chili Is Meant for Medicine and Never Ever for FoodIt registers hotter than low-grade pepper spray.
  3. drunk and disorderly
    A McDonald’s Is Testing a ‘Walk-Through’ for Drunk CustomersPartiers are invited to stumble over for a meal “after their night out.”
  4. Whoopsie Pie
    Domino’s Charges Teen $300,000 for a PizzaIt was an accident.
  5. Funnies
    When The Zombies Come, You’ll Want To Be At WurstkucheOur own plan involves wearing Animal’s veal brain vadouvan on our clothes and moaning.
  6. Mediavore
    Bin Laden Chef Gets Fourteen Years in Prison; Food Blogging For BabiesA cook lands in hot water while Tater Tots might be the best way to avoid dinner with an infant.