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Waiter Rants

  1. Waiter Rants
    Waiter Rant FavesThe author of ‘Waiter Rant’ gives his favorite Manhattan go-tos.
  2. Oh Waiter
    Diner’s Bill of Rights: ‘Be Very Friendly. But Don’t Try to BeA blogger offers “40 Tips on How to Be a Good Waiter.”
  3. Book Deals
    Publisher Orders Another Book From ‘Waiter Rant’ AuthorSteve Dublanica’s next tome is about tipping.
  4. NewsFeed
    What Waiters Shouldn’t SayThe ‘Observer’ critic has her own list of things she never wants to hear from servers again.
  5. Ask a Waiter
    Steve Dublanica, Author of ‘Waiter Rant,’ Cannot Confirm or DenyBut he has plenty to say about foodies, bad tippers, and his fellow waiters.
  6. NewsFeed
    Exclusive: The Restaurant in ‘Waiter Rant’ Is RevealedAnd it’s in the suburbs!
  7. NewsFeed
    Identify the Restaurant in ‘Waiter Rant’ Before ‘TheThe first person who is proven correct will get two tickets to our Highbrow BBQ.