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Waiter Rant

  1. Waiter Rant
    And Now, Even More Ways to Get Your Server to Hate YouOrdering hot tea is a pretty good start.
  2. In the Magazine
    Another Reason to Tip WellYour poor server is probably having nightmares about work.
  3. Gaffes
    ‘Yuppie Scum’–Targeting Waitress Had the Wrong GuyShe publicly attacked the wrong Andrew Meyer.
  4. Bimbo’s Cantina
    ‘Yuppie Scum’ Patron Tells Waitress to Lose WeightAndrew Meyer is so screwed.
  5. Bookshelf
    Waiter Rant Follow-up Will Tell You How Much to Tip Your BaristaAnd your bartender, sushi chef, and even dominatrix.