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  1. the dish
    A Nice Pastrami Sandwich for Noshers Not FressersShalom Japan’s excellent new Wagyu pastrami sando is like Katz’s meets (a Tokyo) 7-Eleven.
  2. the chain gang
    Get Ready for McWagyuMcDonald’s unleashes a (slightly) fancy new burger in Australia.
  3. Of Course Silicon Valley Got a $600-a-Head Wagyu SteakhouseHiroshi’s steaks come with flavorless gold leaf purely “for show.”
  4. Marketing Gimmicks
    Forbes: Kobe Beef Is ‘Food’s Biggest Scam’Are U.S. chefs and food writers fooling their clientele and themselves with so many knockoffs?
  5. Mediavore
    Farmers Profit From Raw Milk; Vegetable Carts Not So LucrativePlus: wine grapes as global-warming barometer, and the Obama revolutionizes Shanghai nightlife, all in our morning news roundup.
  6. Secret Menus
    Chaise Lounge’s Super-Secret Complimentary VIP Course Can Be YoursJust say the secret password to get a free dish at Chaise Lounge.
  7. Openings
    First Look at Japan Premium BeefNo, this isn’t a scene from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’ It’s the new Japanese butcher shop.
  8. Sales Records
    Wagyu Not WaningHow many wagyu burgers is Old Homestead selling at $41 a pop?
  9. Openings
    Japanese Butcher Shop Will Bring Wagyu Burgers to Your Next CookoutJapan Premium Beef, Inc.: your new source for home-cooked wagyu steaks.
  10. Videofeed
    Morimoto Masters Wagyu BeefWatch Masaharu Morimoto prepare Japanese Wagyu beef.
  11. Mediavore
    Cocktails Go Molecular; Hung Going to Bocuse d’Or?Plus celebrity-chef cookware tested, a new Water Taxi Beach–like space in Red Hook, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  12. Mediavore
    City Restaurant School in Session; Pickle Day a Big HitWant to open a restaurant? The city is still happy to show you how. [Newsday] Visitors to International Pickle Day on Orchard Street yesterday consumed an estimated 50,000 pickles. [amNY] The GM for the Lever House Restaurant Group married freelance writer at Blue Hill at Stone Barns this weekend. [NYT]
  13. The Gobbler
    Resolutions for the Year of the Pig Those of us who inhale large amounts of food for a living tend to make new resolutions not just on a yearly basis, but month to month, week to week, even day to day. But since 2007 will soon be celebrated by Chinese astrologers, and fatso gourmands the world over, as the Year of the Pig, the Gobbler has resolved to make himself a special list. It does not take effect, for the record, until February 18, the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year.
  14. Foodievents
    A Beef Benefit With HeartNow here’s an event the city’s carnescenti can get behind: St. Francis’ Big Red, a meat-and-wine feast to be held Monday night at the Westside Loft. The event benefits educational programs of the New York chapter of the American Institute of Wine and Food and costs $100 for AIWF members ($150 for nonmembers). But if buy your tickets over the phone and mention Grub Street, $50 will come off the top. Among the bovine highlights will be Wagyu skirt steak, courtesy of Craftsteak; mustard-roasted beef-short-rib salad, via Porter House New York; and smoked prime filet mignon, from Keens Steakhouse. Wines, which will be poured in abundance, are by St. Francis Winery in Sonoma; cookout guru Elizabeth Karmel will give a grilling demonstration; and a five-night trip to Antigua will be raffled off. Read more at the St. Francis’ Big Red Website.