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  1. Pizza Start-up Created a Cryptocurrency That Pays Workers for Company’s SuccessThey get awarded quasi-shares that rise with the company’s worth.
  2. Facebook Cafeteria Workers Unionize in Hopes of Improving WagesThe current $18.81 hourly wage isn’t enough to make ends meet in an area where prices are so inflated.
  3. the chain gang
    Starbucks’s Surprise Pay Raise Actually Comes With an AsteriskThe increase promised for October is just 2017’s annual raise a few months early.
  4. Lawsuits
    Ruby Tuesday Accused of Underpaying ServersServers say they were required to do tons of side jobs for no tips.
  5. Wage Wars
    Why New York’s Restaurants Are About to Get a Lot More Expensive“There’s something bubbling as people think about how to move forward … “
  6. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Efforts to Wiggle Out of the Government’s Wage-ViolationAfter first trying to heavily redact documents, it wants the entire request quashed as too costly.
  7. Crime
    Upper Crust, Not Your Average Joe’s Stiff the Average Joes Who Work ThereThe chains join a list of Boston-area restaurants accused of underpaying employees.
  8. Mediavore
    NJ Wineries Toast to Direct Shipping; Red Meat Consumption Increases Chances ofPlus: Takeru Kobayashi shatters the grilled cheese sandwich-eating record at SXSW; and some scientist argue that genetically modified foods may be good for you, all in our morning news roundup.
  9. Lawsuits
    Batali May Face Further Legal WoesPlus, ‘Masterchef’ is “American Idol for foodies.”
  10. Lawsuits
    Care to See the Cipriani Lawsuit?Read the complaint that cater-waiters brought against the events juggernaut.
  11. Lawsuits
    Cipriani Says Lawsuit Is a ‘Desperate Attempt’Cipriani says workers are wrong to say they were stiffed out of tips, but their lawyer has a different story.
  12. Lawsuits
    Cipriani Hit With Another LawsuitAdd this one to the pile.
  13. Lawsuits
    Two More ‘Habana Girls’ Come Forward About ‘ManiacalTwo former waitresses say Café Habana’s risqué calendars were their idea, but went in a different direction.
  14. Lawsuits
    Lawyer Says ‘Habana Girls’ Have ‘An Active Imagination’Were accusations of sexual harassment at a trendy Nolita eatery inspired by the Hawaiian Tropic Zone case?
  15. Lawsuits
    ‘Habana Girls’ File Lawsuit Over Wages, Pinup CalendarCafé Habana is the subject of a steamy lawsuit.
  16. Health Concerns
    Raided Aunt Suzie’s Owner: ‘I Felt Like I Was Living in Some Kind ofIrene Lo Re explains her positions on mandatory sick leave and her alleged underpayment of employees.
  17. Health Concerns
    Aunt Suzie’s Owner Spoke Against Sick Leave Before Being Busted for Wage-DodgingThe owner of one of 25 Park Slope restaurants busted for underpaying employees is also against a mandatory sick-leave bill.
  18. Rants
    Restaurateur: Stay Away From the Famous, Work With the SpanishAn anonymous restaurant owner is the latest to come out against starstruck culinary school grads.