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Wafels & Dinges

  1. Markets
    Street Food All-Stars Join Forces for New Harlem MarketIt all starts this Sunday, and there will also be beer.
  2. Score
    Wafels & Dinges Will Give Away Free Ice Cream and Waffles During Today’sWhoever loses, you win, really.
  3. Leftovers
    Cronut Giveaway at Hester Holiday Market; Gramercy Tavern and Num PangPlus: Melvin’s Juice Box cleanses, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  4. Coming Soon
    Is Wafels & Dinges Going Brick and Mortar?Speculation about speculoos.
  5. Other Cities
    Wafels & Dinges Lends a Touch of Class to Sleazeside HeightsA reverse bridge-and-tunnel commute for the Belgian waffles truck.
  6. Menu Changes
    This Week: The Churro Wafel“Wafel+dulce de leche+cinnamon sugar.”
  7. Mediavore
    Food Trucks Catering Holiday Soirees; Most Kids Drink CaffeinePlus: “Chindian” food is a thing, Senate passes food-safety bill (again), and more, in our morning news roundup.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Riverpark Begins Lunch Service; Wafels & Dinges Expands to Central ParkPlus: Manchester Pub offers lunch special, Long Tan closes in Park Slope, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  9. Neighborhood Watch
    Le Pain Quotidien Expands to Battery Park; T Poutine ClosesPlus: Ayza opens for lunch on weekends, and River Barrel Café transforms into Mrs. Kim’s, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  10. Truckin’
    Meals on Wheels: Wafels & Dinges Launches Cart, Burger Truck Expands HoursPlus, is the Hallo Berlin cart coming back?
  11. Freebies
    Get Half Naked, Get Free WafflesOr just wear yellow.
  12. Video Feed
    Bobby Flay Doesn’t Have the Right Dinges on ThrowdownThe chef tries to beat a waffle maker at his own game.
  13. Mediavore
    McDonald’s Exits Iceland; Brooklyn Brewery Gets an Assist From the StatePlus: an all-Brooklyn coffee shop, and Bobby Flay throws down with Wafels & Dinges, in our morning news roundup.
  14. Contests
    Food Trucks Will Compete to Make the Most Blechtacular DishTo celebrate the release of ‘This Is Why You’re Fat’ next week.
  15. Foodievents
    Fatty Crab, Hill Country, and Others Pop Up in Madison Square ParkTacos, crêpes, and Swedish meatballs will soon compete with the Shack Burger.
  16. Awards
    Country Boys/Martinez Taco Truck Takes VendysAnd more winners at Saturday’s awards.
  17. Truckin’
    Has the Food-Truck Backlash Officially Begun?The Post lashes out at “twee” food trucks, and the trucks fight back.
  18. Cupmudgeonism
    Today in Bacon and CupcakesBacon waffles and the world’s largest cupcake.
  19. Truckin’
    Wafels & Dinges Holds Strong at 375 HudsonTwo weeks after the management of 375 Hudson tried to run off the Wafels & Dinges truck because it “looked unprofessional,” it’s been spotted outside the building again.
  20. Freebies
    June 21: The Day of 2,500 Food-Truck FreebiesTrucks like Wafels & Dinges, Cupcake Stop, and also the Shake Shack (!) will be giving away freebies on the first day of summer.
  21. Beef
    Street Fights: Food Carts and Trucks vs. the Brick-and-MortarsAre food trucks facing a backlash?
  22. Mediavore
    Jean-Georges Cooks for Obama; Citarella Evicted in HarlemPlus: Kool-Aid pickles come to New York, and Jane and Michael Stern on Korean tacos, all in our morning news roundup.
  23. Lines
    WafflemaniaWhat happens when you give away free waffles in midtown?
  24. Freebies
    Free Waffles TodayWafels & Dinges just got a new truck.
  25. Mediavore
    Sound Fix Won’t Close; Bacon Explosion Creators Get Book DealPlus: Spotlight Live shutters and Fabio shills for frozen pizza, all in our morning news roundup.
  26. Wafel Wire
    Santa May Know, But Wafels & Dinges Doesn’t DiscriminateGet two new waffles this season on the truck or in Union Square.
  27. Mediavore
    Free Appetizers on Election Day; a Three-Day Bar CrawlAlso in our news roundup: Wafels & Dinges at your local supermarket.
  28. Wafel Wire
    Wafels and Dinges Makes Pork Special PermanentTo celebrate its one-year anniversary, Wafels and Dinges is expanding its menu.
  29. Awful Waffles?
    Pork and WafflesA Wafels and Dinges special combined the two trends, and added Kool-Aid pickles to boot.
  30. NewsFeed
    Belgian Frites Will Soon Hit the StreetsThe owners of the Waffles 4 U truck have French fries up their sleeves.
  31. NewsFeed
    Wafels & Dinges Starts Selling at the BeanWafels & Dinges finds the East Village coffee shop “pretty cool and unpretentious.”
  32. NewsFeed
    Wafflegänger Haunts Wafels & Dinges TruckYesterday, ‘Time Out’ brought news that a second truck, Dot, would be joining one-year-old Sugar in the Treat Truck fleet, and now Eater informs us that another waffle truck is on the prowl, near Astor Place.
  33. NewsFeed
    Belgian-Waffle Spots Are Popping Up, Eggo StyleIn addition to Le Petite Belge, which just opened, a waffle truck is coming to midtown.
  34. Neighborhood Watch
    Wafels & Dinges Normally Only Uses Imported Waffles; Free Guacamole Tonight atBlack Iron burgers coming this June to the East Village and where to find the Treats Truck, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  35. Neighborhood Watch
    Wafels and Dinges Accused of Fort Greene Waffle Fraud; FR.OG Getting BasementWaffle fraud is unmasked in Brooklyn, FR.OG gets into the basement-lounge game, and the Jackson Diner is still going strong.
  36. Mediavore
    Cheyenne Diner to Rise From Ashes; Lil’ Jon Has a Wine LabelThe Cheyenne Diner might reopen in New York, rapper Lil’ Jon now has a wine label, and the ‘Times’ applauds the return of the real martini.
  37. User’s Guide
    What to Eat at Brooklyn FleaHow to sate your hunger when you’re searching for bargains.
  38. The In-box
    Where to Get Your Real-Deal Chicken and Waffles On Last week not-exactly-starving comedian Aziz Ansari waxed poetic about chicken and waffles, to the delight of a commenter who wrote: Sweet. A famous person who actually eats! Also, we ARE talking waffles and dinges right? How long do you have to hunt for this thing? I mean I know they put the vicinity it is in on their website, but somehow I imagine hunting for it to be on part with a stoner-type cross between Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and the hunt for Excalibur.