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  1. beer me
    The Internet Has Fallen in Love With This Lucky Charms BeerWhat’s next? Cinnamon Toast Crunch rum?
  2. pork
    Is America’s Greatest Ham Tradition Doomed?Bad news out of the “ham capital of the world” is evidence of an industry that might be in trouble.
  3. steak and snake
    Steakhouse’s Ambience Takes a Hit After Poisonous Snake Bites CustomerShe spent the next six days in the hospital.
  4. Chipotle Has Reopened That Restaurant Where People Got Violently IllCEO Steve Ells insists they “took aggressive action to correct the problem.”
  5. health concerns
    Customers Are Getting Violently Sick at Yet Another Chipotle RestaurantThe chain says symptoms are consistent with norovirus.
  6. boycotts
    A Boycott of Wegmans for Selling Trump’s Wine Has Seriously BackfiredAll eight of Virginia’s locations have either sold out or come close.
  7. recalls
    Woman With Season’s Unluckiest Number Flooded With Cuisinart Hotline Phone Calls“They need to compensate me for sitting here answering the phone.”
  8. terrible customers
    Another Horrible Restaurant Customer Left a Hateful Receipt MessageWhy does this keep happening?
  9. awful customers
    Horrible Customers Write ‘We Only Tip Citizens’ on Their ReceiptThe server was actually American, and they’ve now been banned.
  10. cutting edge
    Restaurant Labels Its Brownies Based on Which Part of the Pan They Came FromBet they’re always running out of corner pieces.
  11. Discrimination
    Restaurant Refused to Serve Family in Trump Gear“Everybody was laughing, giggling.”
  12. Receipt Drama
    Peter Chang Fires Servers for Insulting Diners’ Penis SizeHis daughter is also out as general manager.
  13. Disasters
    Devastating Fire Causes Famed Edwards Smokehouse to Close IndefinitelyTheir ham is renowned by chefs around the country.
  14. The Chain Gang
    Bojangles Customer Sends Back Cold Chicken and Gets $4,500 in Cold Hard CashAnd he would now like a cash reward for returning it.
  15. Empire Building
    Cult Icon Peter Chang Will Open His Own Fast-Casual ConceptWill Peter Chang Wok earn the Sichuan chef even more loyal fans?
  16. Lawsuits
    A McDonald’s Franchise Allegedly Fired Workers Because ‘Too ManyThis came immediately after the hiring of “a large number of white employees.”
  17. Racist Receipts
    A Restaurant Staffer Was Fired After Serving a Racist Note With Chicken WingsThe cook says the instructions were “meant for my eyes only.”
  18. Controversy
    Restaurant Kicks Out Breastfeeding Mom — But Not for the Reason You Think“I had a beer and a shot of Fireball in front of me, but that was for after I was done.”
  19. Openings
    The GWARbar Didn’t Meet Its Fund-raising Goal, But It’s Metal Enough“Walking into GWARbar will be like entering GWAR’s Antarctic stronghold.”
  20. Lawsuits
    Restaurant Owner Says ‘Sabotaged’ Google Maps Listing Ruined HisLawsuit claims a rival hacked the listing to say it was closed on weekends.
  21. Leave Virginia Alone
    Toby Keith’s Virginia Restaurant Issues Polarizing Gun BanBut seriously, how are the habanero wings?
  22. Beer Me
    Farmers’ Cabinet Gets Brewing… in Virginia?Brewing operations appear to be passed off to a facility near Washington D.C.
  23. Mediavore
    Dodger Stadium Reviews Beer Policies; Woman Driven To Eat SofasAfter a Giants fan is beaten into a coma, The Dodgers consider whether we really deserve half-off beers.
  24. Mediavore
    Dining Sales Spike Upward; Demand at Food Banks Breaks RecordFood sales have been lifted, from fast food to fine-dining, while bread lines are becoming common in some regions.
  25. Mediavore
    In-N-Out Makes Most Fatty List; Bigmista’s Barbecue Draws CrowdsThe Double Double is deemed dangerous while Neil and Phyllis Strawder are building an empire.
  26. Mediavore
    7-11 to Sell Its Own Beer; Courage the Dog Gets His Own CupcakeThe country’s third biggest beer retailer creates Game Day brew and the story of a rescued pup inspires a Virginia baker.
  27. Openings
    Butcher Block: Momofuku Meats at Home, Schatzie on the UWSA cult-favorite meat purveyor may soon come to a butcher shop near you.