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Viral Foods

  1. special orders
    I Ordered the ‘Bread-Sliced’ BagelsJust because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.
  2. viral foods
    Restaurant Bravely Announces Bird Box–Themed DinnerGuests will be blindfolded throughout the dinner at the Milleridge Inn in Jericho.
  3. viral foods
    Groot Bread Is the Newest Food Craze to Hit DisneylandIt’s going viral — fast.
  4. viral foods
    The ‘Cloud Eggs’ Instagram Food Trend Is Actually Pretty GreatTime to perfect your meringue technique.
  5. viral foods
    Someone Has Made Spaghetti Doughnuts, and the Internet Has Taken the BaitFirst it was ramen burgers, but this seems like it just goes too far.
  6. viral foods
    People Cannot Handle This Burger That Explodes Like a ZitIf popping pimples in slow-mo is your thing, Raw Material’s “burger bomb” is for you.
  7. Fairy Bread Is the Simple Australian Snack That’s Taking Over the InternetIt literally could not be easier to make.
  8. Dessert Destruction
    World’s ‘Most Instagrammable Milkshakes’ Just Look Kind ofPeople need to stop destroying perfectly good food.