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  1. Video Feed
    Watch Mission Chinese Food’s Danny Bowien Eat His Way Through Sichuan on’Bon App’ editor Andrew Knowlton just got back from taking the chef on an eating tour of China, and there’s a video.
  2. Video Feed
    New Movie Alert: Trattoria, or How Opening a Restaurant in S.F. IsIt’s a comedy about opening and running a restaurant, with a lot of kvelling about tips and such.
  3. Video Feed
    Now Watch Jeremy Fox Make Some Pizzas With Friends in L.A.It’s in the form of a video postcard, which Fox happened to be a part of.
  4. Video Feed
    Mozzeria’s Deaf Owners Discuss Dealing With Hearing ClienteleThey give a sign-language interview to KQED.
  5. Coffee Talk
    Jeremy Tooker of Four Barrel Talks About the New Bakery, Not Being Too HipsterAlso, he talks about the upcoming cafe on Divis.
  6. Closings
    Many Line Up to Say Goodbye to Sam WoAlso, the Scoop digs up the video of the Chinese restaurant scene from ‘Tales of the City.’
  7. Video Feed
    Comedian Maria Bamford: Paula Deen’s Recipes ‘Are Like a SuicideTrust us: It’s funny.
  8. Video Feed
    McDonald’s Mega Millions ‘Winner’ Possibly Nuts, Can’tShe was totally silent at a press conference yesterday, and coworkers say they wouldn’t be surprised if she just made the whole thing up.
  9. Video Feed
    Just How Tough Is It to Be Michel Bras’s Son?A new documentary, Entre les Bras, is kind of like Jiro Dreams of Sushi, but for French food.
  10. Video Feed
    Watch as ‘Thieves’ Steal a Boar Head From Four BarrelIt was some kind of pre-April Fool’s joke.
  11. TV Land
    PBS Will Debut Food Forward, a New Series Featuring David Kinch, ThisCheck out the five-minute extended trailer.
  12. Video Feed
    Jiro Dreams of Sushi Opens Today“I don’t think I have achieved perfection,” says the 85-year-old sushi master.
  13. Video Feed
    Video Actually Makes Mission Chinese Food Look Nice InsideIt’s all twinkling Christmas lights and tight shots.
  14. Video Feed
    IHOP Once (Sincerely) Fought Against DiabetesA little bit of ironic history from the early nineties.
  15. Video Feed
    Alice Waters Sounds Sad, Surprised About Café Fanny Closure; Vaguely HintsWaters says she, too, was “shocked that it had to happen to so quickly.”
  16. Video Feed
    Danny Bowien Takes Vice Out for ChineseHe takes them to Spices, in the Richmond.
  17. We All Scream
    Watch a Teaser for the Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream BookThe book is due out April 25.
  18. Beer Me
    Check Out Linden Street Brewery in Oakland, Now With TaproomThe taproom just opened in December.
  19. Video Feed
    Farm:Table Crowd-Sources Funds for a ParkletSee the video of their concept and design.
  20. Lists
    Tartine’s Chad Robertson, Alice Waters, Bi-Rite’s Sam Mogannam AllAlso, see a video of Robertson discussing his philosophy around bread.
  21. Truckin’
    Oakland Taco Trucks Being Systematically Targeted By Armed RobbersThe vendors say crooks are treating their trucks like ATMs.
  22. Video Feed
    Oakland Restaurant Happily Hires Ex-FelonsThe church-sponsored Souls Restaurant is trying to give a few ex-cons a job on the outside.
  23. TV Land
    Michael Chiarello Shills a Little on The Price Is RightIt’s an all-Chiarello-themed showcase in the Showcase Showdown!
  24. Video Feed
    The Ken Ken Ramen Team Discusses Their New Ramen Shop, and the 100th AnniversaryAlso, there are images of ramen being prepared.
  25. Video Feed
    Watch U-Sushi’s ‘Robot Automation’ Maki Get MadeThere’s even a slicing machine!
  26. Booze You Can Use
    Walnut Creek Has a Drunken Brawl Problem, May Crack Down on Liquor LicensesAnother night of post-bar-hopping violence in the otherwise quiet East Bay town has the city council alarmed.
  27. Coffee Talk
    David Lynch’s New Coffee Ad Scares UsThe filmmaker releases his second commercial for his coffee line, and we suppose this is his idea of sexy?
  28. Previews
    Lucky Strike Lanes on Deck for March Opening, and Here’s Their Hiring“Most important: be yourself.”
  29. Video Feed
    Watch One of Martin Yan’s Noodle Dancers From M.Y. ChinaHe’ll be a prominent feature of the restaurant, opening in mid-May.
  30. Video Feed
    Foreign Cinema’s Gayle Pirie Loves Some El Tonayense TacosPirie is featured in a new ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate in the Mission’ on Mission Local.
  31. Coffee Talk
    Four Barrel Mocks Itself in ‘Sh*t Baristas Say’’There’s a library a few blocks away that has wifi…’
  32. Tony! Tony! Tony!
    And Here’s the Entire S.F. Episode of Anthony Bourdain’s TheNot just the drunk clips this time!
  33. Video Feed
    Watch Anthony Bourdain Drink His Way Around San Francisco in 90 SecondsWatch as he passes out on a corner on Nob Hill.
  34. Video Feed
    Portlandia Video Break: ‘We Can Pickle That!’
  35. Funnies
    And Now, ‘Sh*t Vegans Say’E.g., “I’m not fighting with you about honey again.”
  36. Video Feed
    Mary Risley Swears Some More on YouTubeAs she’s recently learned, “Young people really listen to you if you say ‘fuck.’”
  37. Video Feed
    Cable Car City Pub Launches Loud Video Ad CampaignThe Fog City Pub has been replaced, you see, next to Powell Street Station.
  38. App-etizing
    Domino’s Launches ‘Pizza Hero,’ the Latest in Un-Fun BrandedIt doesn’t get shill-ier than this, folks.
  39. Funnies
    S.F. Cooking Instructor Offers Some Sage Advice: ‘Just Put the F**kingOh, Mary. We love you.
  40. Oh No!
    Michael Chiarello Undergoes Emergency Appendectomy, But He’s FineHe had to bow out of his demo at Flavor! Napa Valley as a result.
  41. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Seeks New, Less Disgustingly Cruel Egg Supplier for ItsAn animal-rights group exposes the fifth largest egg producer in the country, Sparboe, for having some inhuman and totally unsanitary facilities.
  42. Video Feed
    Watch the Creation of the Dolores Park Mural, to Be Unveiled Soon at theSee a time-lapse of Paul Madonna’s wall-size mural, coming soon at Tacolicious’s Valencia location.
  43. Interviews
    Chef Bradley Ogden Would Love to Dine With Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, andAlso, he misses his mom’s fried chicken.
  44. Rumor Mill
    Tyler Florence Is Probably Not Really Doing a Food TruckHe merely likes the *idea* of it.
  45. Temporary Closings
    Collision on Nob Hill Sends Car Smashing Into MarketThey’ll probably be closed for a few months now.
  46. TV Land
    Watch a Chef Win Top Chef Just Desserts With a Chocolate Chip CookieSeason 1 winner Yigit Pura had picked him out as a favorite back in Episode 1.
  47. Video Feed
    Saison’s Joshua Skenes Reacts to His Michelin StarsHe sprayed champagne all over his staff.
  48. TV Land
    Mission Chinese Food Featured on The Martha Stewart Show [Updated]Martha does a segment with chef Danny Bowien about the “new Chinese cuisine.”
  49. Video Feed
    Steve Jobs’s Biological Father Was a Silicon Valley RestaurateurJobs had unknowingly met the man, and shook his hand, years before finding out who he was.
  50. Truckin’
    Tyler Florence Contemplating a Fried Chicken Truck?Also, he never reads “anything from the critics.”
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