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    Forget Mentos — Start Mixing Your Cola With Liquid NitrogenThis is undoubtedly the most important development in food science this year.
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    Celebrate Thanksgiving by Watching These Super-Fiery Turkey-Frying Videos“This is a bad idea!”
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    This Foolproof Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Only Requires a Dog and a Giant AxAn unnecessarily complicated hack for your Thanksgiving meal prep.
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    Yet Again, a New Ramen Ad Is Better Than Anything on American TVWestworld can’t compete.
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    Here’s How to Make the Infamous ‘Moist Maker’ Thanksgiving Sandwich from FriendsNow you and Ross can both keep your cool this November.
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    Here’s SodaStream’s Very Odd, Extremely Long New AdPeople are very confused by the Game of Thrones–inspired spot.
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    Here’s How You Bake Bread Using the Heat of a VolcanoStep 1: Go to Iceland.
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    World’s Best Dog Is a Regular at His Local Ice-Cream TruckNothing gets in between this English bulldog and his Popsicle.
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    This Video Explains What It Takes to Make Some of the World’s Best NoodlesWatch a master demonstrate how he makes ancient Nanshan noodles.
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    Mario Batali’s New Cooking Show Is Basically Molto Mario 2.0It’s like a return to the Food Network series that made him famous, only this time set in trendy Brooklyn offices.
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    Chance the Rapper’s New Kit Kat Ad Is Pretty GreatChance the Wrapper charms real Chance, who also happens to be dressed like a lion.
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    How Daisuke Nakazawa Became One of America’s Most Celebrated Sushi ChefsHe talks about his sushi style and training under Jiro, and eats at Katz’s.
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    Watch President Obama and Anthony Bourdain Slurp Noodles in VietnamThe meal will be featured on the next episode of Parts Unknown.
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    Louisiana Loses Its Mind Over Sacrilegious ‘Healthy’ Gumbo RecipeIt calls for kale and quinoa, and there’s no roux.
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    This Video Turns Melting Ice Cream Into Amazing Time-Lapse ArtGet ready to cry a little.
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    Here’s the Predictably Awful Video That Convinced Tyson to Retrain Its WorkersThe company also fired ten employees seen abusing animals.
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    Overturned Budweiser Truck Showers BQE in BeerBeer once again gets in the way of a productive morning.
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    This Japanese Ramen Ad Is Literally EverythingLike, actually every single thing you can think of, crammed into a single two-and-a-half-minute magnum opus.
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    See How One of NYC’s Most Talented Chefs Invented the City’s Best Amuse-BoucheA family meal of tamales made by the restaurant’s Puebla-born butcher inspired the restaurant’s masa-ball soup.
  20. Taste-Testing the New Kellogg’s Cereal CaféCritic Adam Platt and Grub’s Sierra Tishgart try the chef-driven bowls.
  21. Paris Hosts First-Ever Refugee Food FestivalThe goal is to change how Parisians perceive immigrants.
  22. This Eco-Friendly Vertical Farm Uses 95 Percent Less WaterAnd no soil whatsoever.
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    Watch a Hilarious ‘Honest’ Commercial for Coffee“Yeah, there’s nothing quite like a steaming cup full of an addictive drug in the morning.”
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    This Cool Time-Lapse Video Shows a Rooftop Garden’s Entire Growing SeasonIt’s a glimpse into the first year at Brooklyn Grange’s second rooftop farm.
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    So, a Truck Hauling Deli Meat Crashed Into a Truck Full of BreadFree lunch!
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    Cute Baby Gets Very Excited by FoodAny tray of food gives Milo all the feels.
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    Watch Guy Fieri Eating to Johnny Cash’s ‘Hurt’“What have I become, my sweetest friend?”
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    McDonald’s Workers Brawl Over Apple PiesIt’s clearly time for the weekend.
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    25-Ton Potato Spill Blocks Off North Carolina Highway for HoursDrivers awoke to a hellish commute courtesy of 50,000 runaway taters.
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    Del Taco Manager Fired for Profane RantFamous last words to anyone with a camera: “Where you gonna post it? YouTube?”
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    Watch Key and Peele Go Crazy Eating Hot Wings” … let’s just be honest for a moment, you put battery acid in here … “
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    This New Video Series Highlights Emerging Culinary TalentKicking off with a chef from Harlem’s Red Rooster, a Mexican-born farmer in Minnesota, and a Nigerian chef in New Orleans.
  33. The Chain Gang
    Very Hungry Criminal Breaks Into Five Guys Just to Make Some BurgersIt’s a real-life Hamburglar.
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    ‘Food Surgeon’ Puts Cadbury Egg Inside PeepIt’s the ultimate Easter-weekend Franken-treat.
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    What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum on a Chocolate Easter Bunny?Something to ponder before starting that seasonal candy spree.
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    Sausage Party Is Basically the Dirtiest, Most Sadistic Food Movie EverWatch Seth Rogen try to get his wiener package next to Kristen Wiig’s buns.
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    Big Macs Finally Meet Their Match: Molten CopperEven still, the industrial-strength burgers don’t go down without a fight.
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    Watch Unaired Clips of Celebrities Buying Girl Scout Cookies at the OscarsChris Rock even secretly got $20 from Joe Biden.
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    Woman Discovers Rare Purple Pearl While Eating Linguine With Clams“I felt like I almost broke my tooth when I first bit it.”
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    Kid Refuses to Eat Meal Thats ‘Just Too Cute’He’s on a very strict diet.
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    Watch a 15-Person Battle Royal Break Out at Chuck E. Cheese’sA nearby senior suffered a panic attack, and two little kids got hit.
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    Watch April Bloomfield Charm America With Her Burger-Making Mastery“This is like beef-on-beef.”
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    ‘Food Surgeon’ Is a Culinary Dr. FrankensteinWant to see Oreo cream get transplanted into a Reese’s cup?
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    Watch the Trailer for Cooked“When we learned to cook is when we truly became human.”
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    Heinz’s Super Bowl Ketchup Ad Is the Best Kind of PanderingThat feel-good moment when hot-dog dachshunds meet their ketchup-bottle owners.
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    Waffle House Had to Fire Employees for Washing Their Hair With CookwareOne appalled customer videoed the incident.
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    Watch Restaurant Staffers Freak Out, Thinking They Won the PowerballOne guy even quit on the spot.
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    Stephen Colbert Cooks With League of Kitchens“Thank you so much for inviting me to eat with you and for teaching me that there are no cultural differences that cannot be bridged by a giant stick of butter.”
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    Here’s Where Your Food Goes Once It’s Confiscated at the Airport“I’ve taken mangoes from passengers from Jamaica and been threatened with my life.”
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    Taqueria Turns Bungled Burglary Into Ad About Dudes Desperate for Tacos“Maybe they keep tacos in the register.”
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