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    These Exploding Melons Are the Catharsis That Your Monday NeedsFiled under “oddly satisfying.”
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    An ASMR Video Featuring Cute Kids Is Peak YouTubeWe’re not saying it’s good or bad, only that it makes a lot of sense.
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    Here’s the Actual Diner Ad That Kate McKinnon and Will Ferrell Parodied on SNLDysart’s chicken-potpie ad went viral in 2012 — and SNL revived it in 2018.
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    World’s Worst Delivery Guy Caught Sneaking Bites of Pizza He’s About to DeliverHe tried to covertly nibble on some toppings during a quick elevator trip.
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    Piggly Wiggly Driver’s Marathon-Length Parking Disaster Is a Fitting End to 2017Who hasn’t wanted to repeatedly plow a semi into something this year?
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    Campaign Asks SantaCon Participants If They’re Cool Ruining Christmas for Kids“I told Santa I wanted a new bike for Christmas, and he said he was ‘too high for this right now.’”
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    YouTube’s Fast-Food Critics Can’t Handle Flamin’ Hot Mac N’ CheetosGet ready for long clips of dudes eating and coughing.
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    José Andrés Says Puerto Ricans Deserve ‘One Plate a Day of Hot Food’The chef tells 60 Minutes that his World Central Kitchen’s paella is cheaper than an MRE.
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    This Is Why You Don’t Eat the World’s Hottest Pepper on Live TVA Denver morning-show anchor “couldn’t breathe,” then barfed on air.
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    IHOP Robbery Thwarted by Waiter Who Is a Frickin’ Black Belt“It was my IHOP’s money in the register, and I’m not gonna let anybody take that.”
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    Action Bronson Is Getting His Own Late-night Cooking ShowHe’s the new Emeril.
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    Here’s a Gorgeous New Trailer for Noma 2.0Fjord porn and langoustines, right this way.
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    Watch the Trailer for Michelin Stars, a New Film About the World’s Elite ChefsThe documentary highlights some of the industry’s most revered figures.
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    Of Course Pizza Hut Found a Way to Turn Its Boxes Into Solar Eclipse ViewersStill, a decent fallback plan if you don’t have protective glasses.
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    Truck Accident Leaves Arkansas Highway Covered in Frozen Pizzas“Fortunately it did not turn into a horrendous disaster … Except for the loss of the pizza, I guess.”
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    Watch This Heroic Effort Creating SNL’s ‘15-Flavor Taco’It’s even served authentically — in a tote bag full of chili.
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    Burger King Gave Disabled People 3-D-Printed HandsA much more thoughtful gesture than hacking their Google Homes.
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    Watch Meat-Loving Kids Get Tricked Into Eating Vegan Food“Oh my goodness, I’m never going to be one of those.”
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    Check Out a Cool 3-D Art Tribute to NYC’s Immigrant Street VendorsWashington Square Park’s famed Dosa Man is featured.
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    Ikea’s Smart, New Recipes Double As the Pouch You Cook InFinally, an Ikea instruction manual that doesn’t require a hex wrench.
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    The ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ Has Switched to TequilaJonathan Goldsmith is playing almost exactly the same character for Astral Tequila.
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    Yes, the World Now Has a ‘Milk Sommelier’Bas de Groot says milk is “more than an accompaniment to cereal.”
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    Would You Endure This Terrifying Bar Game for a Free Shot?Of course you’d risk fingers to save a couple bucks on booze.
  24. Grilling-Disaster Videos Will Remind You to Stay Safe This Memorial Day WeekendThe Weber can be friend, or foe.
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    Even Pope Francis Thinks President Trump’s Diet Is FunnyHe asked Melania if she feeds him Slovenia’s version of a jelly roll.
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    Try and Watch This Guy Break the Guinness Record for Most Ghost Peppers EatenHe ate 13 of them in two minutes, doubling the previous record.
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    Someone Made a Very, Very Tiny Cup of Coffee Out of a Single BeanYou might need to order two.
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    Katy Perry’s New Song ‘Bon Appétit’ Might Ruin Food for You“Hope you’ve got some room for the world’s best cherry pie.”
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    How a Fried-Chicken Mogul Spent His Fortune Restoring 5,500 Acres of Texas Land“My objective was to take the worst piece of land I could possibly find in the Hill Country of Texas and begin a process of restoration…”
  30. DIY Unicorn Frappuccinos Are the New DIY SlimeThere can never be enough Instagram posts of either.
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    Ronald McDonald Reaches His All-time Creepiest in This Inevitable It ParodyTwo YouTubers finally cast McDonald’s mascot as Pennywise.
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    Burger King’s Google-Hack Ad Was a Whopper of a FailureIt lasted mere hours before the tech giant shut things down.
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    Mexico’s Tourism Board Invented a Cloud That Rains TequilaSmart move.
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    Michael Ian Black’s Theory About Trump’s Victory Involves Subway SandwichesWatch and learn.
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    Pizza Hut Japan Is Bringing Back Its Store Run Entirely by CatsMaybe they’ve learned managerial skills since their last attempt?
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    Escaped Cow Leads Police on Two-Hour Chase to Taco BellWho wouldn’t pick making a run for the border over the slaughterhouse?
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    So, Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad Is All About ImmigrationEven if the politics were unintentional.
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    The Daily Show Got Trump’s Inauguration Cake — Tell Them What to Do With ItThey refuse to smash or pee on it, but Trevor Noah says anything else is basically fair game.
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    SNL Made Chuck E. Cheese’s Terrifying Animatronics Into a Crime DeterrentWatch Aziz Ansari spook a criminal mastermind as the creepy robot Peppy Ronnie.
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    Chopping Veggies With 8-Foot Knife Is Totally Unnecessary, Also Pretty AwesomeJust make sure all fingers are clear.
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    Here’s Your Chance to Own Checkers — All of ItFor a cool $500 million, the entire burger chain could be yours.
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    Restaurant Workers Fight Off Knife-Wielding Robber With Soup Ladle“We don’t only have knives, but we have hot oil,” the owner warns.
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    Jimmy John’s Fired Workers for Jumping Rope With Bread DoughThis will get you fired fast.
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    Is This the Worst Artichoke Dip Ever Made?“It burns!”
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    Somebody’s Trying to Make a Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic ‘Challenge’ HappenThey just need to master the part where somebody’s head spins in a circle.
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    Italy Asserts Its Culinary Supremacy With This 121-Scoop Ice-Cream ConeIt’s a new Guinness Record.
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    Watch an American Hero Eat a 5-Pound Burrito in One SittingIt’s called the Anaconda and it’s three feet long.
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    Watch Ted Cruz’s Stirring Ode to Texas Queso“It speaks to the soul.”
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    Get Ready for the Return of the Jolly Green GiantHe’s basically Godzilla now.
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    Grant Achatz’s Next Restaurant Looks to Rome and Hollywood for Its 2017 MenusThe always-changing restaurant never fails to be interesting.
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