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    Greenpeace Blesses Target’s SeafoodA new list gives the green light to seafood buying at Target, Whole Foods, and Safeway.
  2. Food TV
    Rufus Wainwright First Guest on IFC’s Dinner With the BandEpisodes of ‘Food Party’ are on tonight, too!
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    Take a Look Inside Spruce’s Second Location in Park City
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    Video: Midnight Munchies Drops in on Ryoko Sushi
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    Alice Waters Tells Bill Maher Her Master Cleanse SecretsThe doyenne of both locavorism and ‘liberal Berkeley elitism’ talks to Bill Maher about saving the nation from itself.
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    Make Fresh Changes to the Food Chain“People left ‘Food, Inc.’ feeling frightened and not knowing what to eat anymore. My film is an answer to that.”
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    American Grilled Cheese Kitchen Provides Their Own Plywood PreviewOwners Nate Pollack and Heidi Gibson provide their own video promo of their resto, opening next month.
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    If You Don’t Like Bittman’s Food, ‘Something’sThe food writer expresses a strong belief in his own abilities.
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    Marco Canora Reconfigures the Pop-TartThe chef appears on ‘Nightline”s “Platelist” feature.
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    Dish Demo: Telepan’s Passover AmuseNot your bubbe’s gefilte fish, that’s for sure.
  11. Scandals
    Schoolhouse Speakeasies the Next Big Thing?Charter school by day, club by night!
  12. Dish Demo
    How to Break Down a Chicken Like Chef Jennifer Puccio at MarloweOne of the most popular dishes at the new restaurant is the poulet vert, which gets a 24-hour marinade in an herb-rich, green paste.
  13. Food TV
    Watch Top Chef Masters PreviewThe new season premieres on April 7.
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    Vegans Attack Ex-Vegan at Anarchist Book Fair, Blog War EnsuesThe author of ‘The Vegetarian Myth’ calls her vegan attackers “vile, vicious people.”
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    At Marrakech, Please Tip the Belly DancerIt may not be that authentic, but they sure now how to pour a cold cup of tea!
  16. Foodievents
    An Iron Chef, a Chopped Host and Foxy Brown Walk Into a Bar“It’s the most satisfying meal you’ll have all year.”
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    How to Sear Scallops Like Daniel Guerrini at EOSGuerrini’s trick: lowering the heat after the scallops are in the pan.
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    Video: Sidewalk Tables In North Beach Are Mostly IllegalThere’s supposed to be six feet between a table’s edge and the nearest parking meter, but there never is.
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    Mario Batali Wins ‘Most-Frequent Guest’ Honors on FallonThe chef makes fettuccine with lobster and tomato sauce while Judah Friedlander looks on.
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    Jamie Oliver Quizzes Kids on Vegetables They Won’t EatThe “naked” chef teaches a classroom of six-year-olds what an eggplant looks like.
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    Mario Batali’s Sordid PastThe chef’s family worked in Montana mines.
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    Sierra Nevada Brewery Celebrates 30 YearsDedicated beer drinkers should know the name, and mustache, of Fred Eckhardt.
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    Video: Make John DeLucie’s Macaroni and CheeseThe Waverly Inn and Lion chef was on CBS’s ‘Early Show’ yesterday.
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    How to Get Out of Bi-Rite With Romantic Dinner Fixings for Under $20Gabi Moskowitz teaches NBC correspondent George Kiriyama how to live richly on a Mission pauper’s budget.
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    Can Walmart Rival Whole Foods?You might be surprised at Corby Kummer’s conclusions.
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    Make Dante’s Ricotta Fritelle at HomeWatch Dante de Magistris demo dishes on The Early Show.
  27. Food TV
    Sneak Peek: Kitchen Nightmares at Fishtown’s Hot PotatoA Fishtown cafe stars in the season premiere of the show
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    Unlikely Biopic: The Mother of Slaughterhouse DesignTemple Grandin’s life gets the HBO biopic treatment with Claire Danes.
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    Bobby Flay Doesn’t Have the Right Dinges on ThrowdownThe chef tries to beat a waffle maker at his own game.
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    The Worst Cook in Philadelphia?An interview with Worst Cooks in America contestant Jenny Cross
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    Chuck Williams: Stocking America’s KitchenThe founder of Williams-Sonoma is over 90 and still searching for the next best gadget.
  32. Food Politics
    Michael Pollan: Health-Care Reform Will Change Our Diets“Right now, the food industry creates patients for the health-care industry,” says the author of ‘Food Rules.’
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    Prepare for Your Weekly Volt of Voltaggio’Top Chef”s rival brothers preview their new online cooking show.
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    Will Wine Snobs Turn to Gary Vaynerchuk?Gary Vaynerchuk takes the fear out of wine drinking for CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ viewers.
  35. Shucks!
    Video: How to Shuck an OysterChef Laurence Edelman of Mermaid Oyster Bar demonstrates two ways to open an oyster.
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    How Jean-Georges Vongerichten Makes SobaBuckwheat noodles are made with a mix of old technique and new equipment.
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    Video: Tour Fatty ’Cue, Possibly Opening in JanuaryPitmaster Robbie Richter and chef Andrew Pressler show off Fatty ’Cue’s Williamsburg kitchen and smoker.
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    Video: Make a Japanese Hot PotLearn to make a traditional Japanese ‘nabe’ with sake-mash broth and chicken meatballs.
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    Artificial Meat Goes Through Daily Show GrinderWatch Jon Stewart apologize to Spam.
  40. Openings
    Babycakes To Open Gluten-free Outpost in L.A.
  41. Deliverance
    FIPS Blog Grades Park Slope DeliveryRestaurant staff should start working on their phone voice.
  42. Beef
    Martha Extends Lovingly Cultivated Olive Branch to Rachael RayThe high-low food fight of 2009 is over.
  43. Beef
    Rachael Ray Shows Martha Stewart a Thing or Two About Manners“Her skill set is far beyond mine,” Ray admits.
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    How Top Chef’s Hosea Carves a TurkeyThe season-five champ gives demos and decorating tips for Whole Foods.
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    Eric Ripert Tastes With His Eyes ClosedThe chef finds similarities between olive oil and wine.
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    Cooking History Examines Battlefield FoodA new documentary about wartime cooks in the days before MREs.
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    Where Have All the Bees Gone?The documentary ‘Colony’ addresses disappearing honeybees and the threat of “colony collapse disorder.”
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    Ripert and Wine: A Perfect Pair on Avec EricThe chef visits a California winery on this week’s episode.
  49. Truckin’
    Schnitzel & Things Goes NationalSee the food truck in a national T-Mobile commericial.
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    Video: Back Forty’s Butcher Breaks It DownShanna Pacifico demonstrates her technique on a giant piece of beef.
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